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Halo: Orions Spartans III

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Author Comments

Sorry about the bug, trying to fix it!


Hello again everyone! Here it is, as promised. Episode 3. The return of OS.

I'm aware alot of people are constantly saying "these spartans can't exist" or "it impossible".
Let me make you aware. The "Spartans" you see are genetically enhanced but not to the same state as the Spartans II's.
"Well what about the armour then?"
The armour is replicated spartan armour - The UNSC created it to give the illusion of more spartans when fighting the Covenant." It's alot lighter but because of that has no shield.
Thanks again to everyone who helped - Espcially Aquilas, Gamenoob {James Bryce) and the voice of Jaime Hatheway (whattheheck1). Overall time taken on this was around 4 - 5 weeks.
Rate and Review - You may want to turn the Quality to medium...
Enjoy the show!


Help me please

It was a great flash but i really didnt understand it, is Olivia Enze0's daughter? Who the heck is lilith but it was a fantastic flash.

Enzer0 responds:

Olivia being Enzer0s daughter - No shes not. But she is important.
I'm Not afraid of the big bad wolf.


This story is mad interesting, and I want more!! Yo peeps! Make sure to check out extras on the bottom right hand corner!

Enzer0 responds:

Lol thank you very much! Do check out extras!

ehhhhh explain...

Great... no Fantastic animation...

that made no fucking sense to me!
did i miss something?
the most random events just took place....
"check mate" "i have time to see my family"

Enzer0 responds:

You seen 1 and 2? Time to see my family - Their grave.

so what your saying

your saying that these are not sparton III's(ghosts of onyx) but a different class of sparton II's
awesome trilogy i really injoyed it keep it up man

Enzer0 responds:

Thank you for reading the author comments! You seem to get it - Thanks!

Good and Bad

I'm not going to knit-pick the storyline too much. Some people were referring this to the ACTUAL stroyline, which in my opinion shouldn't of been done. This seems to be an original concept to a point, and for that it's not too bad.
However, I can't help point out a few problems, some small and others more obvious. For starters, all SPARTANS, even females, had to have their heads either shaved or hair kept extremely short cut. These characters hair range from lengths. Also, I must applaud you on your animation, but only to a point. When the characters were stationary, they looked pretty damn good. However they all looked beyond stiff and when they DID move, it was pretty badly done.
Voice work was so-so, only the Oracle sounded somewhat accurate. Everyone else sounded like they forgot their lines, what with the giant pauses in some of the dialogue.
A few more things I found funny, is that in the beginning, the ODST are telling the SPARTANS to go wherever (didnt watch the first two). I found it VERY cliched that only two characters looked remotely different than everyone else; The main character and the chick. And as we all know, anyone that doesn't look important will die later on.

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Enzer0 responds:

Lol! "And as we all know, anyone that doesn't look important will die later on."

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Credits & Info

3.86 / 5.00

Oct 7, 2009
1:52 PM EDT