Halo: Orions Spartans III

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Sorry about the bug, trying to fix it!


Hello again everyone! Here it is, as promised. Episode 3. The return of OS.

I'm aware alot of people are constantly saying "these spartans can't exist" or "it impossible".
Let me make you aware. The "Spartans" you see are genetically enhanced but not to the same state as the Spartans II's.
"Well what about the armour then?"
The armour is replicated spartan armour - The UNSC created it to give the illusion of more spartans when fighting the Covenant." It's alot lighter but because of that has no shield.
Thanks again to everyone who helped - Espcially Aquilas, Gamenoob {James Bryce) and the voice of Jaime Hatheway (whattheheck1). Overall time taken on this was around 4 - 5 weeks.
Rate and Review - You may want to turn the Quality to medium...
Enjoy the show!


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Enzer0 responds:



Obviously you havent studied halo. the spartans were flash cloned as children and basicly kidnapped.it is impossible for enzr0 to have a wife or a kid. Next time do a little researched

Enzer0 responds:

You clearly didn't see Episode 1 or 2 before hand. That might have been a good idea - But clearly your brain is too small to even read the author comments.


First off I really liked your ODSTs (I'm a fan of them). I have seen all three episodes of OS and they really are not bad. Of course the story is lacking. You used the pretext of Halo but supplied subtext of your own without a clear story background. Your use of Spartans contradicted the definition set by Halo, when you had your own definition (type) of Spartans.
This is where the confusion begins. If you had written, say a prologue to the story it would have helped the viewer understand that your Spartans are kinda like genetically enhanced soldiers with Spartan-III (SPI) armor for physiological warfare against the Covenant. Since in the Halo Universe, most Spartan-IIs were MIA at Reach, the UNSC need quick, cheaper replacements, your version of Spartan-IIIs. Since Spartan-IIs were kidnapped at the age of six, the new program for Spartan-IIIs would need a quick start, so several elite soldiers (your characters) were chosen. Therefore having a previous life with a wife and children could be a possibility.
Your animation was good, and I liked your idea of viewing the vast Halo Universe from another perspective. Your work shows you are an dedicated artist and have great ideas. Keep up the good work, and I hope your future work will blow us away!

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Enzer0 responds:

Your Review is by far the best. Very Professional. Thank you.

Excellent artwork

Unfortunately everything else sucks. I'm very annoyed you've tried to turn Halo into an anime... and I like animes. Original ones that it is.

The story crawls along at a snails pace, and as others have pointed out it's not even cohesive with the original canon. You might as well have just started an entirely new universe and story, simply based on the Halo collection. Had you done this instead, my review would have been significantly more positive.


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The animation was fairly good. And even though they're arn't many independent halo based flashes that don't just parody the game, the anime esque story was cheesy as hell. And personally... I thought the voice acting was complete crap. I know you and the rest of the voice acters are just doing your best by trying to speak in a dark emo-ish tone but it just sounds cheesy. If I were you I would try to find some real voice actors on Newgrounds. Also I am guessing that it was decided on to just use a screen name for a character but I personally think it would make the viewer engage in the story if the spartans had auctual names in the sub titles. I really hope you do read this and see if you can take any of this critism seriously. Thanks

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Enzer0 responds:

I agree with the names - But they started off as our Gamertags and will continue to be that way.
As for voice actors: I hate the big VA's here. Egoraptor and Rina Chan, stereotypes.
If we all used them NO ONE would ever have a chance.

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