Halo: Orions Spartans III

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Sorry about the bug, trying to fix it!


Hello again everyone! Here it is, as promised. Episode 3. The return of OS.

I'm aware alot of people are constantly saying "these spartans can't exist" or "it impossible".
Let me make you aware. The "Spartans" you see are genetically enhanced but not to the same state as the Spartans II's.
"Well what about the armour then?"
The armour is replicated spartan armour - The UNSC created it to give the illusion of more spartans when fighting the Covenant." It's alot lighter but because of that has no shield.
Thanks again to everyone who helped - Espcially Aquilas, Gamenoob {James Bryce) and the voice of Jaime Hatheway (whattheheck1). Overall time taken on this was around 4 - 5 weeks.
Rate and Review - You may want to turn the Quality to medium...
Enjoy the show!


its great

But do all you really give a fuck about the god dam animation? its corny and its really confuseing "if" you dont wacth the whole series. plus the spartans are not the same, just read the authors comments you dumb halo fanboys. this is a masterpeice and this deserves more than the bicthes say its worth. dont gotta read every book in that halo library to understand that. keep the series going and dont stop.

Enzer0 responds:

Thank you!!

lol. 15 year olds with wives

you know spartans are still teens right? never been socialized either. its what makes em killing machines. Besides that i hate your voice acting and the "anime" crap is overplayed! omg wife and kids boo-hoo. bluntly the story sucks hire a writer. animation was definitely your strongest point here. as a fellow artist ( different field) i may not be able to animate but i know that research makes a piece more meaningful. As in research the background of what you're doing.

Nice work.

I really enjoy this flash series. It's a good side story to the Halo games even if it is labeled as 'fanfiction'. But I have to agree with some of the other reviewers - your voice acting needs A LOT of work. Also, this was way too short.

PS. To ShadowSwordCrafter: the 117 in Lillith's name makes a reference to Master Chief's service tag.

Enzer0 responds:

Bingo you got it


This doesn't make any sense. Like none.

You should read the Halo books.

Enzer0 responds:

Your an idiot


Terrible voice acting. Terrible. Completely.

Also, you obviously know nothing of halo at all. Read the books, there are 3 or 4 of them. Also learn to voice act.

Enzer0 responds:

Like the guy above - Your an idiot

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