Kentucky Fried Memories

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pretty damn good

it's funny, clever, and is based around KFC! genius!


that was good but what was with the free tibet thing i mean if people acutally tried to learn tibets history they whould think differently shure china is not the best country to take them over but nither is america haha if we took over they whould have been in worse poverty or fat and unhealthy from all that shit we pump in our food but back to the point tibet is a airistockracy if i spelled that right if they where left alone the dali lama and his monks whould have traded off startved or any other form of abusement because they are the high power i think back in the 30s they traded off llike thousands of surfs (workers) uprooting there lives and shiping them off to china....so tha moral of the story is dont get up in arms about someting untill youve heard and understood both sides of the coin

Michael-T-Scott responds:

Well, I wish there was a message there with the Mohawk Pig, but honestly, the only reason he was there was to make fun of people that do that kind of thing: Feel the need to push whatever agenda they have when they see a camera out in public.

Glad you liked the cartoon, though. :)


i heard that fox is ttrying to say that there never was a chicken holocaust

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Oct 6, 2009
6:41 PM EDT
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