Battle One

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Fiuuuu, finally! Its done! This flash took me about a day to make! Well...dont forget that this is my second submission (first one got BLAMED :´( because it was too small). This one´s not very big, but its certainly better! More Sound effects, more action and more stickdudes! Enjoy and VOTE 5!

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Familiar with this?

Each round was too short not enough action to go around.
Sound familiar?

Blitz9z9 responds:

Yah sounds familiar, the difference is that I actually gave you a constructive critic in your game.
And this is my first flash thats minimaly acceptable, giving it a 1 really shows that you dont like people saying that you have to improve your stuff...
Criticising is part of flash posting, either good, or bad, live with it!

Room for improvement yet still enjoyable

Was quite entertaining, yet there are things of which could be improved - with it being your second submission I'm assuming you're still practicing? Overall it was a bit short and the background seemed a little bland, the sticks themselves were animated well compared to others I've seen. For your next submission I suggest you liven up the background a bit, even if it's just a bit of graffiti or something similar. More colour would be nice as to differentiate the different stickmen. In the end I liked it but was relatively short.

pretty good

It started out like, oh no, another stick man arena flash, but It was actualy enjoyable

it definately got better, you have got the basic animation techniques sorted in terms of stickmen. for your next flash, I would neaten up the lines, and generaly spend longer getting the arm and leg proportions right.

But that said it was very good
You can only improve from here on :)

Not bad, however....

Your video wasn't bad, overall. I could tell that some effort had been put into it.
It is a bit short, though, and the graphics could use some work. Also, it might be worthwhile to view other similar videos before submitting something of this nature, and try to give your own individual spin on it. I'm a fan of stickfight animations, personally, and I can see the work that has gone into this submission.
However, apart from the short dialogue pieces here and there, it does seem to blend in amongst the other older stickfights. This is NOT meant to sound negative, rather this is all from a critic's viewpoint. I can't wait to see your next submission, though, and I hope that your work becomes a classic for future newgrounds visitors to enjoy. 3/5 7/10

Blitz9z9 responds:

dude, thank you very much! ill try to do better! im a total noob in flash but im eager to learn more! ill see if i learn some more stuff and improve future animations! thx alot for the very constructive review!


All your base are belong to awesome! Yeah! It's short, but it's cool. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

Blitz9z9 responds:

wow, thx dude

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Oct 6, 2009
4:53 PM EDT