Evil Macintosh deathnote

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i was bored and i was one of those mac haters, so like any bored mac hater i made a flash animation
saying that macs are evil as they are.
if any one can help show me how to make a loading bar at the start of a flash animation so you dont have
wait every 30 seconds for it to load using macromedia flash 8
email me at mikuru15@hotmail.com thanks.... (^-^)


The Mac Note

The human who uses the Macintosh can neither go to Heaven nor Hell, and will be overcharged by several hundred dollars.

mikuru15 responds:

hahaha i can sooo see that

Did he just strip?

that never happened, I got three notebooks from the devil himself,wrote down the same name on all the notebooks, and he's still not dead...maybe it's modern times style,time to get an apple macintosh


Awww man you disapoint me.You are better than this i mean i have a mac..

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/0 |

mikuru15 responds:

the only thing macs are good for are multimedia based stuff like adobe but with pc's you cab actually get more software on it

macs suck

theres no way a mac could have the power to do that they cant do nothing if only he was smashing the mac

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mikuru15 responds:

will keep that in mind next time

XD *cant breath, laughing to much*

i couldn't stop laughing while i was watching this, i could barely breath! it was a bit "cheesy" but was funny. ... but y does he start bleeding at the groin? or is it a her :) ? the font for the reply button is cool, but it doesnt fit in with everything els. and just bcoz u hav mac-a-phobia doesn't mean u need to do this ;)

mikuru15 responds:

hey shut up macopfobia exists and besides i only made that replay and pro bar cause mark will tease me 4ever

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Oct 6, 2009
2:42 AM EDT
Comedy - Original