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Clockwords: Prelude

rated 4.21 / 5 stars
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Skill - Typing

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Oct 5, 2009 | 2:27 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Clockwords is a hectic word game set in Victorian London. You are a genius inventor who discovers plans for a mysterious machine that runs on the power of language. Then your lab is infiltrated by mechanical insects that have come to steal your secrets!

You must think and type quickly to fend off the invaders. To destroy the bugs, you need to collect powerful letters. Some letters can be combined to increase their power.

Tip: Hit 'ESC' to clear all the letters you've typed.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Super game.

It has an original idea, it's a very interesting puzzler that can help you expand your knowledge and it's fun to boot. What more can you want. It's true that there are some words that cannot be typed, but that isn't a big problem in my opinion, especially since they were mostly short words. I understand if the longer words couldn't be typed - that would be a problem, but it is perfect the way it is. Oh, and I loved the comic-cutscenes too ^_^

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

meh.....not bad

there are only two problems I see with the game..first of all whatever word list this game is using is WAY incomplete...orion is not a word? and second of all the fact that you have to buy letters is just tacky...ask for donations if it's a great game (and I think this has alot of potential to be one) then people will give to keep the game alive. Your not going to develop a following by asking for money in order to play the game in it's entirety because your going to alienate the fans. graphicly the game looks great and it's alot of fun to play except for the missing words (and YES their are words missing not just verbs and abbreviations) overall i'd say it was a great game but you really have to expand the word list and get rid of the letter purchasing.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Power Scrabble!

I like this very much, it's a lot better than playing scrabble I tell you. However I ant get past Lv10...

Is it missing a few words... one being 'Up'. I find it a little annoying that when I am trying to get rid of the mechanical spiders up the top with documents, my fire is blocked by the million of so spiders at the bottom, meaning I lose. But hey, it's a game of speed.

Will recommend this to others!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very fun

This is an extremely fun game. It challenges you to think, and expands your vocabulary. I am surprised that not many people have voted or reviewed it. It requires you to have speed, intelligence, and quick reaction times. To survive, you must be able to quickly think up words that will do maximum damage possible. Excellent work.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good, but

Missing a lot of words, and a little buggy. It said I succeeded right after the game over screen. I like it, can' wait for the full vers.

Oh, and nobody wants to spend Mochi Points or whatever it is on letters. Just make all the types available in-game.