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Clockwords: Prelude

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Clockwords is a hectic word game set in Victorian London. You are a genius inventor who discovers plans for a mysterious machine that runs on the power of language. Then your lab is infiltrated by mechanical insects that have come to steal your secrets!

You must think and type quickly to fend off the invaders. To destroy the bugs, you need to collect powerful letters. Some letters can be combined to increase their power.

Tip: Hit 'ESC' to clear all the letters you've typed.


good game

great game but i would ditch the mochicoins sytem, as a payment sytem for a flash game were payment is generally required because of large difficulty curve will not go down well here, just consider putting another ad in at the side or maybe making it so the payment option is an enhancement not a requied option as it feels at the moment
great original game i love it.

Verry entertaining

I really like this game. However its a pity that you can't insert some words (ex monday) breaking the flow of the game. I also wonder if the game is winnable without the purchases, considering that English is not my lingua franca. However this game is a very entertaining way of practicing a foreign language. You should concider makeing a french version, it would love to show it in my french evening course.

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good game but flaws

Good game but obviously the difficulty curve is designed to force you to purchase more letters (something no rational person, including myself, is going to do). Apart from this I really like the concept, art and game!

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Needs some more words

Assistance wouldn't go through...

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More words

At the point it didn't understand europe i gave up.

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4.21 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2009
2:27 PM EDT
Skill - Typing