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An animation I did a year ago. This would be the intro to cartoon called "Christian's Life". The idea was to do monthly episodes, but I'm real busy. Now I plan to do a full-LENTH movie on this series FIRST. I'm working on the script, story boards and character sketches(The characters don't look exactly like they do on the intro) to show on a blog. Give positive comments if you want, that will boost my motivation to get the movie done quicker. Just wanted to let Newgrounds viewers know about the potential series.

Basically, the series would've been all about Christian(the main MAIN character) going through random plots with his crew of friends/enemies. Briefly, the first episode's plot would have been about Christian and Nathan getting a private jet(with no service), flying it, crashing it, and trapping themselves IN IT. I never have had the time to actually WRITE a script for any episode.

I know it the intro was long. I know where to chop it in half so its shorter. I wanted to show you guys the whole thing. And, NO, THE SERIES IS NOT ABOUT PEOPLE RUNNING AIMLESSLY! IT'S JUST A SPIFFY INTRO THAT I DID FOR FUN!!


Another note, put headphones on and turn up the sound. The music is awesome to listen to!


Too much

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." -Antoine de Saint-Exuper.

Your music is well chosen, your animation well-synched and only you can tell if it suits your environment or not; there's no reason for it to be so bogged down. You can cut a lot of that and still have your fun running intro, even while introducing your characters. Take a look at a view popular sitcom intros and, in your head obviously, see what they actually needed and what they didn't and practice cutting the extra out. Then return to this work and you'll find you can do much better. Your physical art skill is there!

Looking forward to your future work. :)


I think that was pretty awesome! And by that I mean the animation was really fluid and it was actually pretty fun to watch (although it's just a bunch of guys running).
You mixed the colors very nicely and the song fits to the rythm of the animation. Everything was smooth. Can't wait for the real one to come out!

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Music fits gratly. The animation is nice!!1

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great intro, it leaves you wanting to see more, i really like the music

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This might have been said before but it remeinds me very much of the old "Bonus Stage" webtoon. In a good way though. The music and animation seems pretty similar, but you have your own drawing style and I'm sure the series wouldn't be too similar.
And yeah I listened to it with headphones and it was pretty good. All i hope is that the series doesn't fall into that generic flash series style with too many random jokes and structured mostly with dialouge.

But the intro showed good animation and potential. So theres a 9. Good job.

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