The Tickler

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Sure you've got saws, lasers and tesla coils, but nothing can compare to the bone crushing power of tickler's claws. You are a military cyborg gone mad, upgrade your deadly arsenal to rip, crush and burn through thousands of enemies.



the game play is great and the controls are easy!! 9 stars!

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controls made it easy, yet you needed to pay good attention, which is important in a game....although when an enemy runs into it's normal for it to do slightly less damage since it technically wasn't an attack, upgrading options were good though......although, try and make it so that you get more control over your weapons, maybe even add more if you want......it does get boring near the end, but over all....let's say....9/10

Great Game

I gave it a ten because i like the idea. But the controls need more work,mouse control is a nice change. Just smoothen it out more. :D

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Good but...

The controls really bring this game down. Moving with the mouse while trying to attack and dodge bullets at the same time is extremely cumbersome.

You should make it where you can move with the keyboard and aim with the mouse.

Also, a rule of thumb in gaming is that running into an enemy should never do more damage than the enemies attack. Unless it's a suicide robot or something.

But the combination of annoying controls and imbalanced damage from hitting an enemy really hurts this game.

It's a good game.. just not a great game.

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Nice game

The basic gameplay was good and original, gameplay was easy and fast paced. The upgrades are good, but all you REALLY need are the lightning upgrades: it made some levels really easy. The upgrading system is also nice.
The music was a good choice: fitting, yet not distracting. Controls are ok for this type of game.

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4.29 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2009
9:11 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional