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Bob n Sam Ep1 Stereotypes

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Sam finds himself as his alter ego Britson who is a stereotypical British bloke; however the ASTPD decides to get involved....seriously what the hell...government...well I think it's government funded.....Bob doesn't like....yeah stupid government.....




AFTER 10 DAYS OF PLANNING, 4 Months of PROCRASTINATION, and over 72 hours of WORK COMES! A Complex Time Based Series? You might not see it in this episodes, but it will become apparent in the later episodes. Bob and Sam is being co-written by Me(Samiam) and Robert aka Bobby (Noblewolf09) as well as being animated by the both of us. Switching off of course.





This might at first seem like a mediocre animation that won't last 3 episodes, but you are sadly mistaken. This isn't much for a Season premiere and it's my fault because I animated this episode, but be prepare for the next episodes to contain BETTER ANIMATION, BETTER BACKGROUNDS, AND MORE AWESOMENESS! Also a confusing complex time based storyline that has no indication of an apparent storyline until the final episode that will throw you into a mental breakdown connecting all the pieces you thought had no relevance to the animation.


Yes. Blame Sam it on....


Wait our bad ASTPD is not a government run organization....False Alarm

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not bad

It was funny with a message... you can't make fun of british people, but you can make fun of arab people.

XD lol

samsonloftin responds:

It's been a running gag in some of my animations where I had a lot of British stereotypes. So I decided to stop these British stereotypes by moving to a new stereotype. Anyways thanks for the review.

I say!

A very funny episode, with some cruel (if you can't take a joke, that is) stereotyping and witty humour. I like the animation style, but it can go further - when Sam crawls through Bobby's jacket, it could have bulged more realistically, possibly denying the very laws of the time-space continuum itself, by storing things like a top hat inside one's friends.

I'd personally have said that the Anti Stereotype Police Department should only be the ASPD, since stereotype is only one word. Not to worry, you got through the episode alright with that little item and it was still funny.

A great joke to make Schwarzzenguile, who is probably the worse stereotype that I've ever seen. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more soon :)

[Review Request Club]

samsonloftin responds:

Much thanks for your review. I will say that Schwarzzenguile will make appearances in later episodes , but the ASTPD will not. Considering other episodes won't revolve around stereotypes. Thanks again for the review!


Shvarzneguile !!! lolz !!!

samsonloftin responds:


retarded but

slightly amusing. nice try

samsonloftin responds:

Slightly is better than nothing. Thanks.

Ive seen worse

It looks like something could eventualy come out of this, im not sure what though.
It has potential, but it lacked quality, the audio was terrible and the art, some bits of animatin were ok, but for the most it was pretty basic.

samsonloftin responds:

Robert got a new mic so we won't be having audio issues, but as for the art. It's staying, it might undergo some improvements, but for the series we are keeping with this style.