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Wolverine origins in 1min

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Bit late since the movie's several months out now. Ah well.
Drew most characters in their comic styles, since they'd all look like generic guys in my art style.

I know every B-movie needs the hero to lose a friend/brother/girlfriend /mentor in order to set up the climax, but geez, this movie has 9 of those deaths, wtf.
And only 2 real action scenes, is this a action movie or a slasher/ emo drama?

Wolverine also seems to love killing people who aren't really the villain but only hypnotised or brainwashed against their will. First lady deathstrike in xmen 2 and now Deadpool. Ah well, anti-heroes.

I'm suprised Wolverine hasn't died/ been revived in the movies yet, considering he dies and get's revived at least once every comicbook he appears in.

Thanks for help to Luke and Jordan



everyone basically dies in the whole movie <.<


Throughout the whole move I was amused, until it got to the last part where I really lol'd!! If it weren't for that I must have only given it an eight or so. XD Still really funny though!


i HATE what they did to deadpool in this movie! other than that an okay flash.

That was awesome!

I killed a bug. NO!!!

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the movie was a waist of time

but this animation is better then the movie

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4.21 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2009
3:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody