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The Journey of a Baby

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I started this game months ago after I made my first pixelated game. It was finished in about a week but I never found the time to submit it. Now you can play it in all it's 8bit glory on Newgrounds.

I guess I'll give you a little background to the game as well. When the art portal first opened up I saw an art piece that blew my mind. It was this really beautiful landscape that was pixelated. Anyway, I drew a picture that sort of resembled it, and I tried to draw a man sitting under the tree in my picture. Well, the head turned out all right, but I couldn't do the body, so I made it a baby. One thing led to another and this is what came out of it all. Cool, right?

W: Jump
A and D: move left or right
Q: Toggles quality
R: Restarts the game

Also, yes I know there is a glitch in the game, but I hope you will never encounter it. It's only a tiny glitch though.

Anyway, leave a review and I hope you enjoy it! :D



Pixels? Pixels are badass. Show me a man who hates pixels and I'll show you a man who hates life.

Babies? Babies are badass. Babies are the pinnacle of badass.

Found the game challenging to play and loved the pixels.

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14hourlunchbreak responds:

this review is so badass words cannot describe it.


Man is this game fucked up. Were you high when you made this? What the hell were you thinking when you made this? The rats are annoying as hell, because instead of walking along designated patterns, they walk toward you. They also change speed at a random time. Another thing that pisses me off is the jump delay & platform accuracy. When i was on the third screen, i had to hit those tiny black platforms dead center or else i would fall through in the water. Another question: why the fuck are the pixels in the game's graphics twice as big as the ones in the life meter? It like mixing the NES & Atari together, creating an UberTurd. The music was shit. I wanted to throw my speakers out of the window.


Overall:3/10. 2/5.


There is nothing worse than when you really want to play a game, but some minor oversight makes it nigh unplayable. I enjoyed everything about the art, concept, and sound, but those damn rats make this flash far too annoying to actually play. Fix that issue, and you'd have a pretty good game here.

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pretty good i guess
the rats are a little hard to avoid though


I can tell that you put forth some effort by making the game itself. However, the gameplay is rather annoying with the rat's behavior, as well as the delayed jumping action. Repair that, and I think it would be worth at least a 5.5 to a 6/10.

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