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A new virus has entered the computer!it's not any mad stickman trying to destroy the cursor and the computer.By the way,Cursor has went for a holiday trip.So,it's upto our desktop heroes to stop him.The heroes are my computer(MC),Recycle Bin,Internet Explorer and Yahoo.However,the virus kills minesweeper and the heroes use their attacks to get rid of him.But thats not the end of the Virus.Don't be afraid,the virus won't jump into your desktop.But it sometimes would if you don't vote 5,so,Take your own risk while voting this flash.Make sure you won't blam this.The audio is from puzzling.This is my second flash after "the cartoon sprite".This one's short but it has a next button for the text.I improved the graphics a bit(I think so...).Please be sure to check out my other flash,the cartoon sprite.I give more importance to Recycle Bin coz he's a bit heroic.
{on request
Please vote 5

Special thanks to:destroyer568 and st91

PS:Be careful about that Virus that would jump out if you don't vote 5


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I like the music!

Poor recycle bin

It was very sad that Recycle Bin died.Nice flash.

Windevelves responds:

Sure it was but I actually wanted Yahoo to die


ah zum

Windevelves responds:

thnks alot for the 10

four words:

improve animations

Windevelves responds:

Your review's too small to be considered helpful

Not bad... needs more work

Like the custom NG logo.

Okay, the story is there, and I can see you're quite proud of it. Though the quality isn't really there.
I like what you did with My Computer throwing the card, Recycle Bin's death...

Try and automate the conversations yourself and use speech bubbles. Make the zaps and stuff look more dynamic with layering different colors and stuff. the 'to be continued' and other stuff looks rather messy.
All in all, this has potential to be a good flash!!

Windevelves responds:

Yeah...I made that custom ng logo for myself.But I can't find any way to improve the quality.I took the card idea from anger of animation.Recycle Bin's death was a sudden plan.See sonic syythe world,in that movie,they use text like which i've used and moreover,speech bubbles are really difficult.sure,the layering idea was really helpful.'To be continued' will be eliminated soon.....

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3.15 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2009
11:28 AM EDT