Hawaiian Puppies

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This animation is an expansion on the short 'Glimworm'. When we finished the previous short animation featuring MattLin, a lot of people seemed to enjoy it, but wanted to see more; thus 'Hawaiian Puppies' came about.

Basically, this animation is intended for a younger audience and we tried to do as much within our 3 minute running length as possible, so don't expect much in the form of a plot. It's simply a fun, fast-paced, musical piece meant to showcase the interesting characters and quality animation (Well, I guess that's for you to decide).

Thanks for watching, please rate, favorite, comment, and share this with friends, enemies, and family! We worked hard on it and hope you enjoyed it.

Hopefully we can bring to life even more interesting projects in the future.

PS: I highly recommend you set the quality to Medium.

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.how cute!!...XD
love the animation and everything!! is there any 20 rating here? I'd definitely give it a 21...!!! XD


Great animation! I loved the detail of the background and the fluidness of the characters. Keep up the great work :)

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I give it a Nine out of ten because it was so cute and I loved the character, HOWEVER! It would have been nice to see more drawn frames and less flash tweening.

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This was

AMAZING!!!! I love that and disney should hire you while they have the chance =D it was great, awesome music awesome characters it was, dare i say, MAGICAL!!!!! ^^ loved it faved it, Keep making them and adding them to ur portfolio, this alone is enough to have any 1 with a eye for talent hire you if you choose animation as a career

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Hey, like some others said, this kinda reminds me of Disney movies, but not quite...you have a style of your own, and the animation is good...oh, and that baby is really cute.
And the music, well, the music was professionally made and realy moody.
Really nice work on this one, make more.

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4.33 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2009
9:47 AM EDT