Dragonball Z Ep1

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Dragonball Z Sprite Saga Episode One, My first Sprite animation which is being developed as a series, Hopefully all you Dragonball Z fans will find something you like in this lol Stay Tuned For Episode Two- Twisted Timelines releasing soon :D


Alright, but needs voices.

Honestly would of been better with voice actors, If you need a voice actor for dbz, feel free to check out my stuff, Im pretty adapt.

I like the plot

it's not bad. You need to think the story a little bit, and make it so there's not so much talking and no action. The only reason this isn't a ten is because of the graphics. First, I can't stand a white outline on the characters, most noticably Gotenks. The quality is terrible as well. Gotenks is the only person I can make out. If you want a dark Gotenks, you'd do better to recolor gotenks. If you need help, I would be happy to help you. I could do a gotenks recolor for you so he is dark if you want me to. I realize you put a lot of effort into this. Sprite animation isn't as easy as people think. It does require a lot of patience. I applaud you for having that patience.


This is absolutely terrible, there is no mistaking it. It's hard to follow, the graphics are sucky, it's lagging (NO, it's not just the computer), and overall hard to watch. You really need to work on this. Please, if you do another one, at least make sure you spell stuff right.

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not good

You need to work on your sprite animation a lot. Was really pixelated (idk how to spell it) and just kind of bad in general. Just work on it a bit before releasing episode 2 you have a lot you can learn from ^^.

Hope you can improve your sprite work a bit and animation in general would really make your animations more enjoyable to watch!

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Well to be honest its not very good, but it is worth the try, the sprite would be much better if you had redone some of the characters....

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Oct 3, 2009
11:56 PM EDT