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The Girl From Memory

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Hey Guys... Well It's been a while, I know... But here is my newest flash... I really hope you guys enjoy it... and if you did, I would really appreciate your comments...

Thanks Always,



That was like a music video telling a story!!! fantastic!! 10! :D


I just realized something, that ballerina jewelry box is the one from the dark side of "Dead Bodies." Took me 3 watches to realize that.

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cheshirecat1582 responds:

Yeah.... I tend to use my stuff over in all the flashes i do... I worked really hard on that ballerina... so I wanted to use it more then once... lol... i don't know if that's "cheating" but I don't care... actually the bunny on the bed was in one of my 1st flashes i did also... called "Innocent Mayhem" And all the girls that I animate have red hair like me... lol Anyways... Thanks for the 10!!!

Pretty nice

It was kinda weird seeing something with an adult rating not having any kind of porn but it was nice too. I didn't take anything away because of it. I liked this, it was definately interesting. The art was done well and the song seemed to fit it very nicely.

I haven't seen any of your stuff from before you went on break but I'd say you came back starting strong.


who sings this i would love to know but as far as the movie with it it was very well put toghter

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cheshirecat1582 responds:

Hania sings this... Her stuff is soooooo great!!!! all of it!!! shes a regular on the audio portal... http://hania.newgrounds.com/ Seriously if you like this song... check out all her other stuff... Its AMAZING!!! I'm actually animating a few of her songs... And thanks for the 10!!!

very good.

It makes great use of simple animations. I would have it at 32 frames per second though, it would make it smoother. (a minor tweak.) :) Whose the singer?

cheshirecat1582 responds:

Hania sings this... shes on newgrounds http://hania.newgrounds.com/... I had my frame rate at 20... My computer is pretty old and if i animate anything above that my computer tends to freeze up when i export it or try to view it... sigh... i guess its time to save up for a new mac pro... Lol why does everything cost so much money?!?! lol anyways... thank soooo much for your review and your 9!!! much appreciated!!!

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Oct 3, 2009
6:46 PM EDT
Music Video
  • Daily 3rd Place October 4, 2009