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Pain on the Brain 2

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Astonishingly annihilative antics in intriguing imagery by bonkers boys.

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kinda like asdf movie but more gruesome. love it

Can't see those cards.

I can't breathe!!!
"So, what brings you here today?"
"My life...IS AN ACTION MOVIE!!!"
[Super Mario 64 Metal Music]
...Poor therapist...

Jon action

My life as an action movie


Did'ja have to do that to the therapist...? And by that I mean just leave him there...? He's gonna stink up the joint..... And you KNOW one of his next few patients are going to eventually notice he's dead... And you KNOW that'll probably ruin the rest of their day and thats not nice, is it...? Did I mention I'm studying to be a therapist...? Yep, thats righ....... Um...... Heeeeey.... Thats a gun, isn't it...? It sure is; cocked and ready to go..... Ummm, well, this is a good a time as any to tell you that, from what I've seen, you ARE the smartest person alive, your feelings of unjustified narcism are completely, well, unjustified and, to be as honest as I can be with a gun pushed halfway into the left side of my mouth, you ARE always right like you think and everyone else has always been completely wrong (That is if they didn't agree with you from the beginning...). Lastly, if there is a God, he's jealous of you and, as you suspected, all the crappy people were put on Earth by the Devil to anger you and make you doubt yourself.... To sum up: you are the most balanced, well adjusted, intelligent and downright handsome man I have ever had point a Police Issue Glock at the vertebrae in my neck from the inside of my skull..... Sooooo..... Could you please take the gun out of my mouth and allow me to sponge dry my now urine soaked pants...? I can't...? Oh well... I wasn't a big fan of life to begin with... Ok, get it over with; I'm ready.... Hey.... what are you doing...? No...! Please...! No, for God's sake, Please don't point it anywhere but THERE... I mean, at the very least, it would just RUIN Christmas...