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yeh, guyver would have to be my favorite anime, and as I searched the portal on NG, there is hardly an animation or parody. SO one day I decided I'd just put my bent misfigured stake in the ground lol.

All animation is done by myself, most of the voice acting as well, a friend of mine (lets call him jon) helped with some of the voices.

Sound effects done in garage band

Programs used:
Garage band
Flash CS3
SoundBooth CS3

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Great job

This is hilarious, I'm a big fan of the series and I got all the jokes, the art is different but it mimics the style of the anime well, as a parody on it.

DarkMatter responds:

Lol I'm glad you thought it was funny man, and I appreciate the positive feedback!

I'm happy that somebody saw this after so much time!

Who knows maybe I'll start making an Awesome guyver 2!!!

There is potential

I'm a fan of the series so I was able to catch some of the references which indeed did make me laugh. I get you were going for a quick and humorously messy style, but at points it was hard for me to make anything out. Since judging from the comments, people don't recognize this series, the unclear visuals would make it harder for them to know what is going on. Like I said before, some things actually did make me laugh, I think if you went for a clearer style of art (it doesn't have to be great, it can even be simple, as long as it gets the idea across) and tighten up the dialogue it can work. Keep at it man, maybe even try and tackle individual episodes and work your way through the series.

Best of luck man,

DarkMatter responds:

thanks for your honest I appreciate it =D
I considered making a second episode including the rest of the OVA, after all Mizuki was never in this animation!

Like a early draft

It has some well shaped drawings but it's put together quite messy and didn't make tons of sense. I was expecting something MacGuyver related because he is awesome and much more well known than BBA Guyver.

DarkMatter responds:

thank you for your review much appreciated =)

what the?

just wow?!

DarkMatter responds:


Who are they?!?!

Who the hell are these guys on the flash? I thought it was McGuyver or something like that!

DarkMatter responds:

Look up Bio Booster Armor Guyver in google or youtube. Newgrounds doesn't really yeild any results.

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Oct 3, 2009
6:59 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody