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This is the prologue

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Well here, is the cultimation of 10 hours work over a space of three days, its the prologue introducing the sprite series i plan to start up, i'm not that great with flash as i've only been using it for a week, but i think it turned out ok and its intresting atleast, so i hope you guys enjoy it.
Also, the music is by an artist called Pizza9000 here on Newgrounds.com, he has some pretty good tracks so you should check him out and maybe use some of his stuff :D
Anyway hope you guys enjoy this, i'll get working on the first episode soon...

Had to reupload simply because the audio cut out halfway through, fixed it now though ^^

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keep at it

some of your animations came off a bit choppy, and some of the sprites didn't really fit the background. Some of your sprites didn't work too well with the background (ie the first scene, the main character looked like he was walking on the background rather than the floor). The music was fitting for the mood that you were setting. It'll be interesting to see how you drive the story with the introduction of some well known villians. Keep working at it, tweek as needed, and don't give up on it. ^_^

Jamieneo66 responds:

Thank you ^^

Really Good

From only using flash for a week at least, it is really good. Not sure what the story is all about but everything else is great.

Jamieneo66 responds:

Thank you :) i'm glad you enjoyed it ^^ and you'll look forward to the continuation where the story will be explained slightly with the first episode!


Wow, I loved how you used the song with the movie. It made for a really somnolent and epic feel. There was kind of an awkward cut out at the end, though. Was that intentional?

Jamieneo66 responds:

No, i don't what i can't seem to get the audio right >_< either it plays throughout the entire flash, after it ends, or it goes all messed up :\ but i'm getting there ^^

Pretty good

Nice film wise. The music went with the theme and the words were ominous which is what I think you were going for. However, yeah there wasn't a lot animating to it, but if you have only been doing flash for a week thats pretty good. Plus, I would like to see this turned into a series. Just, for a commercial/prologue it was pretty good. However, seeing more of a sotryline would be good for the first episode.