Don't cry anon

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An animation I did in about seven hours one night, without interruptions. It's based on a song submitted to YouTube for anonymous.


NIce work!

this a so good for a short animation. Its puts through a meaning and a feeling in a few seconds. Its good adn it defintely looks like you put a lot of work into it. seven hours ? ouch...

Animation was very smooth and graphics were good too. What u could include was a background in some scenes. maybe a sun setting in the end, with the word forever written on it? Dunno, just an idea,

Audio was clear and could be understood well. The subtitles definetely helped and the meaning of the song was brilliantly prtrayed throughout. NIce work on this part...

All in all, its a good piece of flash. Well thought out and well put together. Nice work dude...

-Review Request Club-


This is a very nice submission. Even though it is so short it's still nice. This proves once more that you don't need big or even many words to get a message across. ^^

Too bad the sound quality is so low, the lyrics are only very hard to understand. Yeah, I know I can just read the text to get the lyrics, but it would be nicer if I could already hear them without having to turn up the volume on my speakers.

{ Review Request Club }

A little short

A nice, smooth animation that has a deep message. I can see that you've spent seven hours very well in making this piece :)

I think that the sound quality could do with being improved - is that someone singing the lyrics in the background, or if it was just me deceiving myself. If they were lyrics, then the sound quality needs improving, to compliment the video.

I can certainly look forward to seeing more stuff by you in the future - the drawing style is quite basic, but with time, it will almost certainly bloom into something much more, which will be also worth watching.

[Review Request Club]

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation ~

Most of the animation was done rather well. My favorite part would have to be the part where he was at the computer because the animation was very smooth and fluent.

In the beginning where the leaf came down though I thought that it was a tad bit rough. That part (and some other parts) could have used a bit of cleaning up and been a little bit smoother, but for the most part animation was done well.

~ Graphics ~

This is kind of like the animation. My favorite part would have the computer part. I thought it was done well graphic wise. Other parts were a little bit rough and almost seemed rushed compared to what I think you are capable of.

~ Content ~

(I use to call this Story/Content, but I didn't like the way that it looked because it was two words and the rest of the sections only have one word in them)

A nice little song that I really didn't see as sad. I guess the ones that see it as sad viewed it as they would be sad for a person like this or that they are sad because they feel like this as well. I took it as pretty motivational though to anyone. It has a great message and you did a good job of showing it through the animation.

I do have a small complaint about how short it is though. I understand that you were working with specific audio, but perhaps by not starting the song until 10 seconds or so into it and then not finishing the movie for about 10 seconds or so after the song ends would help make it a little bit longer.

~ Audio ~

I noticed that the audio wasn't the best of quality. I'm not sure if there is anything you can do about it though since it states that it wasn't your song. If there is anything you can do about it then I suggest you try and see if it makes it a bit better, but if not then it really doesn't take away too much.

~ Overall ~

Artwork and animation can be worked on a little bit. Audio quality isn't the best and I think it could have been a bit longer. Other than that pretty good all around and gives a motivational message to those who might need it.

~ Review Request Club ~


I love It, It's Strong and Dramatic...

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Oct 2, 2009
4:34 PM EDT
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