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Create your own fortune. Travel the land seeking to destroy the Buccaneers, an evil pirate organization bent on being outlaws... or join the Enforcers to help stop them and bring piece to the land! You decide, you build your fate, and in the end you choose the path you want to take and how to get there.

Frontier is a non-traditional RPG, taking mostly the form of an economics game... but in the sense that you're not set on a linear path to go destroy certain enemies or collect items. Your job is to survive, earn money, and do as you please. Destroy the Buccaneers or take down an entire city for your taking. Join the Enforcers and battle it out with some mercenaries to become true evil.

50 different cities beckon your trade and visit, each located in 10 unique environments and place. Each offers new financial opportunity or guild headquarters to find more purpose in your worldly pursuits.

Produced by Armor Games, Concept and Lead by jmtb02
Artwork by the Swain
Music by Mohammad Fikree

PM me if you have any questions, bugs or comments - jmtb02



game greats good to annoying fast. we need money to get ppl and stuff, but we cant get money cause we always get gang banged a bunch of buccaneers.
plus im stuck. and i lost all my stuff cause i clicked buy. wtf?

Very fun, but ends too quickly, and...

There's a nasty bug that, while not game-breaking, is annoying at times.

If you set the speed to max (x20) and hit "go" after a battle, then arrive at a city and hit "Battle" before the screen rearranges itself, the game has a tendency to forget to switch back to the battle configuration, and instead just sits waiting for you to press "Go", as if you'd just stopped. When you do hit go, your vessel simply presses onward endlessly, the little arrow on the map flipping back and forth over the destination city.

The only way around it I found was reloading the game, and because of the auto-saving feature, I didn't lose any info (even some I'd have preferred to), but it's still kinda annoying.

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This game is awesome!

I play 2 hours(or more),and win lots of achievements(Millionarie,Grandmaster,
Imperial Power,etc...)

Very nice game,is one of the best games I ever played!


This is my favorite game on Newgrounds/Armor Games. I love it, and I played non-stop and beat it. It's very addicting. The only downside is that it could be longer, but thats just my opinion. Great job!

Good Game

I enjoyed this game very much, the visuals, animation, sound effects, and music were all very nicely done and went together very well. The gameplay was also really cool, I liked going on around slowly becomming the strongest and wealthiest force in the land. I defeated the game with becomming grand master of the enforcers and aquiring over 1,000,000 (I got up to 1.6 million). I also took over like 12 cities.

For people who are confused about the life bar, your life recovers fully everytime you make it to your destination.

I also found some glitches in the while playing:

1. When in 20X mode and doing one of the package missions for the enforcers you're able to skip at least one fight per trip.

2. The commander level for the enforcers was skipped so I never got that position, but still got up to grand master.

3. The biggest one that I found which I occasionally abused for my own benefit: When selling weapons and armor move the most expensive item into the sell box and then move just one other item in the sell box like a stick so that you have your expensive item and a stick (or another item that is lesser than the first). Now move the stick back over to the unequip section and drop it into one of the boxes, pick it back up and place it into another box in the unequip section, keep on doing this until the stick and the expensive item switch places. Now the sell price should either be 0 or for what the expensive item was. If it's correct and says 0 then start over. So bassibally you can sell sticks and every other weapon you have for the price of the claymore without actually selling the claymore (because the glitch causes the two items to switch while keeping the sale price). This also works for amor.

I'm quite tired so I hope that last glitch makes sense, if not PM me and I'll explain it better.

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Oct 2, 2009
3:40 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG