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Save "Left Eye"

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Well as most of you know. TLC lost a member of their group recently. This is your chance to save her life. The instructions for the game are in the game but incase you can't find them (which I don't know how you wouldn't be able to find them) You just use the LEFT and RIGHT directional keys. You'll figure the rest out as soon as the game starts. Enjoy!

Art: Radam
Action Script: Frank2982
Idea: Valz/Frank2982

I made the game a little easier. Also it was brought to my attention that you could cheat if you are fast enough. But I am not gonna fix it because if you want to cheat to see the winner ending then go ahead. I don't care.

Some people can't beat the game, so if you wanna see the win screen go here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=55572 but play the game first and try and beat it. :)



hmmm... Imma TLC fan, and i believed left eye was tha heart of TLC. I thought her death was tragic. This game wasn't degrading or nothng lke that... not at least until it reached the end. Special ending my ass. So, this i have to say. This isn't disrespectful, but i liked it, until i saved her, at which i was like, 'wow what a waste of my time'. the whole point of me even PLAYIN tha goddamned game in tha first place, was cuz i thought something good was going to come of it. Pissed me off how it was a mockery once you wasted 60seconds at least of your time. Thus, i give it a 1/5. It's not bad enough to recieve a 0, but it wasn't the best as it could have been.


the grafics werent good ... style hmmm dont noe... i fuckin love that song specially the lisa lopes rap part... violence wellits good u dident make fun of her in a disgusting manner like other fucked up retards... humor uhh nope overall 1 srry... hey heres a idea a tlc super hero group were they fight destinys chied that would be funny ...lol i wish i could make cartoons


you should make more like this, funny

It was more sad than funny

Especially for fans of TLC. BTW, If you're really desperate to win, here's a cheat:

Right click and click PLAY. The car will turn and turn but won't crash. Leave it like that for 60 seconds and then press play. You'll see the special ending which could be funny or infuriating according to your taste.

Frank2982 responds:

Or you can just go to the menu for my list of movies/games and watch the winning end screen that I have listed as a seperate file. Thus you are not accomplishing any thing by "cheating" the game, only wasting time in which you could be trying to beat the game.

pretty funny

I thought that was a pretty good game. The song got kinda obnoctious *spell* though. That was the I thing I had against it. Other than that, pretty good.

Frank2982 responds:

That was the point of the whole song choice. It gives you an option as to whether or not you wanna try and save her and just end it now and let her crash. Good times.

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3.28 / 5.00

May 2, 2002
2:06 AM EDT
Skill - Other