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Turn your box office into a huge enterprise. Upgrade, sell to customers and make lotsa money.



Another mediocre, world-stabilizing game by the FWG! If you really want to revolutionize the task-game, you should add the ability to hire another employee, assign him/her to popcorn duty, and have to balance the addition to payroll with profits.

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Has issues

The game itself was pretty nice, though there were a few things that seriously bothered me..

First some items are really annoying to do like the vip passes, its a small button and hard to click if your in a rush..
Also the icecream horns and the beakers for the limonade stuff are really close together, its annoying cause you can misclick quite easely..

Most annoying is, when you fail a lvl you cant continue, you have to start over..
Ive played it 3 times havnt gotten past lvl 4, im not gona do it from the beginning again..

Too much is a repeat of games

I play these games alot nothing really new kinda like burger shop~ and other games that go along with it theres a movie theatre one as well.. coulda been better with somewhat kooler options

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good concept

but it seems like with almost all FWG games you only get one life and that life is easily expended by means mostly out of your control - making a potential good game a complete let down

Not too bad

The game was not bad but as others said it was hard to serve everything plus tickets, i was making plenty of mony but became overwhelmed very quickly by the onslaught of customers, i worked at fast food and i never felt so overwhelmed, it very fun but after a while became very frustrating good game nice concept need a little bit of work

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3.34 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2009
6:19 PM EDT
Simulation - Job