Super Meat Boy (intro)

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The animated intro for Super Meat Boy.
Coming to Wiiware and Steam Q1 2010.


-Team Meat



Cute little short. I did not like the font you used, and why wasn't there any colors? I recognized many of the sounds used here from Time Fcuk too.

Cool music too, but still nothing to give a 10 for :) :) :) :) :)

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evilrabbitking has a point.

Only he approached it wrong.
How would you guys like it if a nobody like me started advertising?
We're all people. So why is it that celebrities get special rights among the NG community. I understand the bluebaby is talented, but honestly, the flash portal isn't for ads. To be honest, this did not deserve a 4.14 (score as of the time being).
It seems that the beloved "Flash Gods" of NewGrounds are untouchable. It's almost as if they could work 5 minutes on a flash and would get a 4.5 on their score.
I'm not saying they didn't work hard to get where they are at, but I'm ashamed of the site's public. A few good flashes should not mean that the animator/programmer is to always receive a great score unless they work for it.
That said, I think it's time to talk about this flash.

- Cute animation +6
- Fitting music +2
- Basic art style, fitting for the above reasons +1
- Decent length +1

- (See Above Rant) -5

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Coming Q1?

Are we talking the first 3 months, or fiscal, cause then we only have to wait till Dec 31st at max!


As much as I love the concept, art and flashgame, this is just cheap intro which wouldn't have gotten any attention if it wasn't a famous game already. I expected so much more of this flash.

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It's just a commercial!

An... advertisement?
Wait... and ad on Newgrounds front page?
I'm sorry, but is it really necessary, despite the overflow of ads everywhere through the internet, to actually (ahem) SNEAK IT INTO THE ACTUAL CONTENT!

But let's forget about the fact this has been made for purely commercial purposes for a moment and comment on it like one would any other animation:

The art is really simple, but despite this, it still retains some meaningness. Even though the characters are simple cubes, they're not drawn-by-little-children cubes. 3/5

The music is catchy. That's all I have to say about it. 4/5

The story is... absurdly simple. But at least it seems to be pretty aware of its simpleness, which is in fact reflected by the simple art. But the point where the animation loses most its points in regards of the story is that there is absolutely no devellopment! Seriously, this is simply an intro to a game. It's not an animation in it's own! It's an intro!
I can't even try to compare it with some of the pieces of art we get in here from times to times.
The animation gets at least one point for the very simple and straight-forward way in which the story is brought forward, but since there's no devellopment... there's really nothing to rate. 1/5

Oh, yeah, and it also looses a few points because (say it with me:) IT'S JUST AN AD! It's like if I put a publicity for Halo or Final Fantasy on here, with written "Buy the game" all over it.

So it gets the rating it gets.

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4.19 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2009
5:06 AM EDT
Comedy - Original