Crack For Sale Episode 4

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Here is part 4 of the Crack For Sale saga. It's about 3.4 MB and runs about 4 minutes counting the opening words and the credits.

Matt and Kevin fly over to Asia on a secret mission from President Obama.

There are drug references in here and also some foul language so use discretion okay? This will be up on the web site later with some other items. Thanks for your review if you leave one. If you don't leave a review thanks for watching. If you don't watch then I guess thanks for living.

go to the web site www.crackforsale.com leave youtube ratings too if you want. also check out www.cookiesneak.com it is old fashioned version of this cartoon except with cookies instead of drawings.

Part 5 is kind of in the works now hopefully will be done one day.


as always

as always you crack me up sodahawk. keep up the good stuff coming and keep on making ppl laugh. Excellent flash, do you have another crack for sale coming out?

This is more of a question than a review but uh

Was that supposed to be making Obama look like an idiot or something or was that all just supposed to be like random political humor, good either way thoug 4/5 which equals out to 8/10.

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sodahawk responds:

thanks dude it wasnt to make him look dumb it was to make him look like a ruthless and cool pothead president


The flash is pretty nice overall, but there are several glitches. Did you preview the movie yourself before uploading? In one scene the guy in the blue shirt's hands are placed away from his arms and at the corner of the screen. Also, you shouldn't make something like this loop. Add a "play" feature or something.

sodahawk responds:

i dont get it, it has a loader with a play button so i dont know why you say it loops. i just watched it for the 100th time and i dont see any part where the hands are all far away maybe ur computer has a virus

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Sep 30, 2009
10:04 PM EDT
Comedy - Original