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About : Official Golvellius flash game under license from D4Entreprise. Ported and published by DotEmu/EasyRetro

First developed in 1987 by Compile on MSX, Golvellius has then been said as the Master System answer to Legend of Zelda. Golvellius is now available both available on iPhone and on Internet .

The evil Golvellius has kidnapped the Princess Rena and is spreading terror in the valley. As the brave knight Kelesis, you must get her back! Golvellius has sent seven of his fiercest demons hidden in caves to stop you. Some caves can be opened by defeating the beasts of the valley and some other ones will appear when you get certain objects in your inventory. Don't forget to buy crystals upon defeating each demon. For in some caves you will find fairies, sorceress and the wise women who will help you by selling objects to improve your strength, bibles to increase your max amount of gold and life potions.
Now get in there and save the Princess! Can't you hear her calling for help?

Controls :
[Arrows ]: Move
[X] : Jump
[C] : Attack
[B] : Inventory

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Hmmm. It's hard and this game don't haves a save.

this was fun and would play more

but there's no save feature, dunno if there was in the old one but if you can get this to happen than this will be great, love that there's so many different ways of playing, controls are simple and it's just really fun, just too bad about saving, would be hooked, instead it just starts over when you die


I haven't played this game in a LONG time, it was one of the first games I ever played, loved it back then, still love it today. It was a brilliant game back then, and it's still a good game today. The only reason I haven't actually given it a perfect score, is because of time not being it's best friend, granted it has aged better than a lot of games of it's time but is still showing signs of age.
Also, the quality of the port is fantastic.

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3.90 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2009
11:48 AM EDT
Adventure - RPG