May 1, 2002 –
March 15, 2011
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Took me a while, but its here. Say what you want...Doesn't matter to me.


this was a great movie i saw the 2nd too and you were right half a year ago this was summited and look 26 reviews you have some bad luck anyway to the movie great i loved the humor in it deserves a 10

i dont know. was there any kind of plot? anyway it was ok


This was freaking AWESOME. And I love your veiws on critisizm! And also the "Nit-Picking Bastard" thing was hilarious. The sound was also, very, very smooth. I love my sounds smooth. And now I'm rambling, so I'll go and watch the sequal.

I goota this was an impressive movie. You are pretty good at drawing. I liked how you used the Anime art style! I'm adding this to my favorites

this was a pretty good animation. the drawings were very impressive and the story and concept to this animation were really good too. overall, it was a good movie. rather a shame that a movie like this never won an award. i think it should have one.

You'd get more love if not for being drunk. I'm going to use you for your knowledge of flash, you know that right? That's the price to pay for access to ballsacks. Damn having to log into NG after so long to make this review. Bah. If you are reading this just watch the damn thing. Fuck you.

....I'm still laughing. it was grrrrreat just like them cornflakes I ate for breaky. I didn't wonder where the keyboard was until it was mentioned. so what fits as a title for the best movie ever made..... UNDERAPPRECIATION!!! and Underappreciation2. I mean how can whats his face know he's better than Jesus' feet? Has he met Jesus' feet? If he has.... then I have no idea what he's been smoking.

not bad keep up the good work

....does it really take 14 hours to get wasted without dying?

Ah whatever. Good stuff.

that was pretty good... but now to the good stuff:
I wasnt wondering where the keyboard was at, I was wondering why it took so many freakin long to type in newgrounds.com. I mean he pressed the keys like a jillon times!

And the simily face looks like a clash between pac-man and sonic, and a smile for the family circus. Not to mention that mouth is the weirdest thing I have ever seen

This was pretty well made, and the dialogue tickled my funny bone. Despite the simple animation you've used it well, and it was clean and crisp, nice

The sound wasn't bed either. That guy's voice fitted perfectly, and it was easy to hear! Overall a very good movie.

The little limbless guy....I LOVE HIM. ^_^ I'm sorry, I can't think of anything else to say :(

i frickin loved it. but yeah, big suprise. any way good job on the voice recording, and the whole thing was hilariuos especially the drunken singin of the gorrillaz song. hehehe lata.

great movie man!!


good animations, but a lonely story

Sometimes it's the little things that impress the most. "...Some of you are wondering, 'hey, where's his keyboard?'" Nice work, hope to see more.

I dont know but for some reason i thought this was really cool

...and not funny up until he typed in the title of the movie. Even turd's of the week are better than jesus. Oh yeah, Mclaren F1 is better than Jesus' feet.

Very nice. I really liked the background, with Peter from Earthwrom Jim, and that guy from Kalona, I believe it was called, i forget, think his name was Joker. Excellent!

Good work.....keep em coming!

If you're wondering, hey where's his keyboard?... lol Nice movie man.

Funny movie. "I'm off to get plastered." Where have I heard that before? haha. Yeah, good job. My only concern were the sounds. Occasionally I couldn't quite hear the main character. Other than that, it was excellent.

I liked it. This one is definitely an interesting portal entry.

I'll be back for #2. You need some 1337 hax0r sounds when he types.

damn good movie yo... course if you didnt use the AOL sounds i woulda given you a better score on the sound ;) ahahah stupid aol hahahah


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