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An Alien's Room

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Made In Computer Animation Class,Decided To Upload It To Test Out Newgrounds' Uploader,for future endeavors.I aiming for this to get Turd Of The Week,w00t.

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nice experiment, but it isnt a movie, not a game, and not really a loop, cause all it is is a 3d animation with a very confusing camera move - keep it up, but optimize it for newgrounds a little bit next time xD

I'm in 3-D!!! Whoa, whoa, WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAA!!!!!

....Or at least, that what this animation TEST felt like. I admit it was sorta nostalgic in way that 90's CGI is so primative & obvious because it was a revolutionary field of animation back then. But that was then, and this is NOW.



Nice animation.

Now put it into a story.

Ehh good work but

Its just a loop wiht no sound , plot, or fun. One question though why is an alien watching the Boondocks. You should design this into a game then it would kick ass. I would play the hell out that game.