Nintendo Story ep 4

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April 30th...Pico Day 09. I had made a flash movie to celebrate the holidays. It was a break from this project you are about to view. This movie was planned to be around 2 minutes long, and yet, includes almost 6 minutes of animation. I assure you, Newgrounds. I have no idea how that happenned. But the important thing is that I'm proud of what I did here.

In this episode, we take a look at Kirby's story as he wakes in his own world. The story is explained a little futher here than in last episode. While Kirby learns what's going on, we find another familiar Nintendo character in his own world.

This movie was made over the course of 9 months exactly. It's not some MASSIVE project, but you can literally see the movie look and sound better as the movie progresses. I also generously added a way for you to read the story of the previous episodes so you don't have to watch those first before this one. :)

So enjoy Newgrounds. I hope you find this movie to be moderately entertaining, and as always, make sure you vote and review fairly.


- 24FPS
- 8380 frames
- .fla file is 64 MB
- .swf file is 3.85 MB
- Runtime is 5 minutes plus 49 seconds of outtakes.
- 11 tweens were used; the rest was frame by frame.
- 7 layers

- 400+ hours of video games were played during the creation of this movie
- 46 hours of South Park episodes were watched
- 2 and a half hours were spent thinking of how great Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles will be
- But the whole time I was thinking about how much I love Newgrounds. :)

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But lacking in quality animation.
Get practicing mate ;-).

i will answer 2 of your questions....

why not three...?

no... thats retarted.

coming from a peer.
this is amazing.



Gustavos responds:



that was soo funny XD

and metanight answer more that 3 questions

it was really funny

i like the gameboy insert that was funny. i liked your editor's voice for kirby outtake.

Gustavos responds:

Some of my favorite parts when making this movie.

Great improvement!

Your getting better and better each episode :]. This one was nicely done and the jokes were funny as well, especially links part. i also enjoyed Kirby (obviously) since he was suppose to do be doing an important task but instead goes off plays pokemon..lol, really great, Gustavos :D

Gustavos responds:

Thanks a lot, buddy!

Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2009
6:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Original