Joe Wilson's Day Out

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An average day in the life of Joe Wilson, America's favorite interrupting Congressman.

TLG Media: Beating a dead horse since 2005!


I don't like this...

black people shouldn't put black people on the internet. It's just wrong

the last guy was right

calling a black president a liar would get you ridiculed as compared to calling a white president but Barack Obama is definitely not going to be the last black president


Calling bush a liar and scumbag is perfectly fine, you can get away with it scott free, no apologies needed. Call our first [and most likely last] black president a liar and you get ridiculled to hell and back.

1 point for doing somthing everyone else has thought of, but is to lazy to do themselves.

tlgmedia responds:

"I am the Slayer! Do not read my reviews if you can't handle absolute truth! I am unforgiving in my harsh judgement of the world, for the twin flames of sound and anger burn furiously in my mind, and the hand of Azrael, the Archangel of Death, uses me alone as his vessel to deliver righteous truth to the unworthy, for I am the Slayer!"

Funny, But Repetitive. "YOU LIE"

Ever since September 9, Joe Wilson has been known as the congressman to interrupt President Obama's proposal. And ever since, I'm pretty sure there have been practically tons of flash movies about him (*sarcasm). But even through all this news about him, this flash is actually quite funny. The various scenerios that used Joe Wilson's now famous line were very entertaining, but after awhile got repetitve real fast. Also the animation was a little too plain for my taste as well.
The ending however was unexpected and brought back it's charm. And thus ends Joe Wilson's five minutes of fame. Guess now the attention will go back to Barrack Obama and Bill Clinton now....as usual.

This is shit!


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Sep 29, 2009
9:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody