Cooking (bocodamondo)

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edit**((( eh that entire spam befor just let me look stupid... so lets remove it.
enjoy it flash or dont enjoy it, that is the question)))

"Edit: now hase the flash scenes select"
finaly episode 4 is done:

*bocodamondo want to earn money so he cook 'fred" and the rest is the beginn of a new fricking adventure of bocodamondo.

-thanks to jaxxy egoraptor tomamoto & eddsworld to helping me on the voices in my submission.

about subtittles:
you can see the flash is 9MB thats why i can't make subtittles
but im sure next flash i can do it :D

about the art, (deleted)

about the audio: bad quality WAS* bad

if you like my works here more:

www.bocodamondo.sheezyart .com
www.youtube.com/rosenific ation
www.bocodamondo.newground s.com
www.bocodamondo.deviantar t.com

so that it...

with big love -bocodamondo



Im not dissing your animation cause hell im sure I couldn't even draw that well in a program. But the humor was terrible, the famous voice actors must be trying to give you a boost cause they're the only reason why I didn't click off after 10 seconds. This was aweful take more than a month to make and submit a flash.
Work on your comedy, and this may be americanish of me but your accent over the audio doesn't help. at times I was like eh what he even say could it have been a good punchline. naaaw.


how did you get so many well known voice actors to agree to do this? :p

bocodamondo responds:

just ask there are not monsters :P


i like it... buttt.... its way to slow. 10/10 for voice acting 9/10 for animating and 8/10 for speed.

bocodamondo responds:

yeah but anywhere thanks man ^^


Some parts were actually funny like seeing sponge bob, but rest were ehhh. The most annoying aspect of the video was the long lingering moments. Just get rid of those and your videos would improve, but it was ok for an "AMATEUR".


Dude.... That was just, Just horible. Even the story line wasnt even good. While i watched this i wrote my suicide note and bought a gun if i havent exited it in the last few minutes i would of killed myself. Idc if its ameture it shouldnt have even gotten past the vote >.<

bocodamondo responds:

you dont have a better flash as mine so ... :D

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2.32 / 5.00

Sep 29, 2009
7:52 AM EDT
Comedy - Original