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GothLyfe 21:Flashback Pt1

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Ok it wasn't easy but I managed to get the episode under the 10mb limit and on the site. Didn't mean to keep everyone waiting.
So here's the first episode of season 3. We worked really hard on it so we hope you all like it. We'd like to thank everyone for their patience. As always, We'd like to remind everyone that the Goths in the show are portrayed fictionally and we are not trying to offend anyone!

If you want to see the new intro for the show, you can check it out here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/512932

Part 2 of this episode is here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/537532

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(Opinion)You're Series is Hilarious! It always has me laughing you never disappoint, keep it up Others seem to like this as well.

(Opinion)The best part of this episode when Mace has his flash back before he was goth. "Excuse me you're standing in my spot." Brilliant! ^_^

XD awesome as ever!

as a real goth i personally find this series hilarious, its actually the first one ive ever found that doesnt discriminate against goths too offensively, and its also really funny! =D keep up the awesome work! yah. lol XD

i loved it at the end where scepter is like "hey are you narrating again??" and then he tackles mace and theyre like "aaah." XD!!! so funny lol! id give this a 100/10 XD that is how awesome this series is =)


I am so exited for season 3 Goth Lyfe is my favourite online series!!




Oh now I WANT to know how they met! :O
Great graphics, love what you've done with Courtney's look and the sound is as epic as always. Oh and now the elbows can be actually seen, the arms don't look like they've been cut in two when they fold, like before! :D