Sonic Earth

September 28, 2009 –
April 25, 2012
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

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We bought this source code from the origional creator of this game and gave it a face lift! Let me know what you guys think


this game sucks its too laggy and slow the levels are tottaly equal to ultimate flash sonic this suck dick compared to the original sonic

saw amy in the intro, what happened?

but the levels are a complette rip off of Ultimate Flash Sonic

c'est pas sonic et tails c'est sonic et amy regarder apr├Ęs avoir mis medieum


this is awesome music and it sounds fimiller to me

What is the name of those 2 songs?(the main menu song and the 1st stage song) I want to lesson to them anytime i want.(without having to play the game) By the way the game was awesome. Just fix the ground. Invisible ground is bad. Very bad for gamers!! fix that and you are sure to get 10/10.but i seriously need those songs!!! please!!!!??????

It's not bad but really laggy and sonics speed is a major problem.

where re the codes

Despite being a remix of Sonic Advance flash, I think it's not bad. I'm trying it out as Vasil(Sonic) right now.

wear iz it

the girl is better in every way (very sexest) and it just sucks

......it sucks sry but it does it's a copy of ultimate sonic flash and people sprites are retarded f*** this game

the game is a nice sonic clone. it is uneven though, versa plays much better than vasil. she seems to jump higher which makes certain parts much harder for vasil. this is especially true for the final boss, where versa easily jumps over the explosions but vasil has a much harder time. if you balance the game out a little more i would love to play a sequel.

not so fun just a nother kopy of sonic

This is a copy of the Sonic flash game that was released years ago you just changed the whole sprites and menu and stuff, I only like the way you drawn this nothing else

Its like as if Square Enix had made a Sonic game, this is would it would look like.
..Almost like a "The World Ends With Sonic" kinda deal. Very nice cross-over!

but theres is a hell lot of lag in there, the level took me about a minute, but the timer said 30 seconds, and the characters was slow

but i lvoe hwo tis make, the art was amazing, and I LOVE THE SONG CHOISE, popcorn remix :D

this game is awesome

I LOVE IT it does have alot of bugs, and it's kinda slow, but with a little work, it will be amazing, i love it keep up the great work. thanx

Hell...How in god's name did you get this to .8kb?!

lol super compresser. Good game like I said it just lags as heck.

That's remind me a another flash video game i've played long time ago, same stage exept that the spike, the background and character are different. also is full of bug, the game lagging, running and attacks are slow. The only positive point is the music. but i'm sure u copy the last sonic flash game.

You bought the source code from 'Ultimate Flash Sonic'? Well, that's nice, but it would have been nice if you changed the level format or something. The game also suffers from a lot of lag and glitches now for some reason. I love the art, however. Mix things up a bit and it has potential to be a great game.

I thought this was quite an interesting idea, but when I was playing I was frustrated that when I ran at any speed the game would magically forget there was a wall (or floor...or any surface you can think of) and I'd end up plumetting to my doom. Also, horrible horrible awful godforsaken music...just...eww...But yeah as I say, interesting idea, just a pity about the game. Keep trying though

character runs too slow, and reacts poorly.

otherwise it's alright.

I liked the idea of Sonic turning human and it reminded me of the original games but my only problem with it was stopping the character when he got moving, all and all if you could fix that one problem this would be really fun.

Totally ok actually :)

not that interestin. kinda slow.


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