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ok so this whopping one whole minute of animation is about half a year's on and off work


song featured on this album:
album/cant-stop-the-forev er-train

ps look for an easter egg

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Very nice.

Theres something about it thats just awesome. Very nice animation, was kind of hypnotizing.

Good job.

MrScriblam responds:



Didn't see the thelma and louise ending coming..
What a nice flash this be!

10'd and 5'd.
Oh yeah, I'm no. 100 reviewer, bitchfucks! Whewt!

MrScriblam responds:

oh who the hell cares


i reviewed this before but it got deleted by some gay mod !!!

anyway this is great man the style suited the music well, it was really fun 2 look at and the animation was awesome
also i thought the timing of the shots and the storytelling was very clear: you didnt 'fall in love' with your scenes (showing shots for too long, etc. ) which was good because the song was fast paced long shots wouldve ruined it AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAdf

Very Impressive

While this does have a few defects, it really rocks, and I wish you'd continue it.

Graphics had a unique style to them, and there was a lot of different graphics around the flash. As IamWierd said, I liked how you designed the characters, giving each one a sort of uniqueness. While some parts need to be eye-catching (the graphics didn't start out that good, but got better and better as the movie progressed which was a little strange), the graphics were really cool.

As for the animation, skippy in some parts, but overall fit well with the graphics. Nice preloader too, good to see new preloaders other than the default NG ones now and again. What I think would be cool is if you add captions which state what's being sung in the songs and the option to turn it off and on, but that would be awfully hard to implement, and it's not really that important anyway.

The concept isn't that original: a guy goes into a casino with his colleague in disguise, he suddenly attacks everyone, grabs a suitcase and drives off at full-speed in a Las Vegas-themed chase. Still, you played the story out really well. I liked the part when the suitcase was about to fall out but the yellow guy caught it just in time, it was dramatic and cool.

What I didn't like was such an abrupt ending. I expected the car, as it falls down the cliff, to shoot out wings a jet booster in slow motion while the music stops, and just before they hit the ground, they speed away really quickly and the song continues playing again or something :P. Either that, or you can at least make the ending less abrupt. Oh, and I couldn't find the easter egg X(.

Audio was spot on, with such a great and action-packed song going on, which was in sync with the movie itself rather well. Voice acting at the very end, even though it was so short, was very clear and well done. Even though the music didn't have that much to do with the movie, they still seemed to fit well together, so good job! ^^.

One of the better music videos I've seen on NG. I just think the ending is too abrupt, the movie is too short and the graphics, especially the backgrounds, need a slight improvement to them. Still, the action was great, animation and graphics style was unique, and the audio was perfect. Keep up the good work!

-Review Request Club-

hm..didn't quite get it...

Its a simple enough story, like CaptainAwesome mentioned. What i didn't get though was the beginning. With the big green thing punching the wall etc. The rest was pretty straightforward.

Animation was pretty smooth but the background was sadly lacking in depth and it needs more work.

Concept wasn't exactly original but u portrayed it well so no points reduced there. Other then the negatives i mentioned, this is a well thought out flash movie and it deserves the eight i gave it.

-Review Request Club-