Mole Hole Mazes

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This is my first, serious flash game, so dont be to hard on me :P
It's made in Actionscript 2.0, and all music and animation is made by me ^^ (Some inspiration for some maps from my friends).

And yes, I didn't make a mole as cursor. I thought it was much easier with a red dot, no comments on this point thank you.

Well, enjoy. I would be very happy if someone managed to go through the whole game, there's a little bonus in the end ;P

Good luck, have fun with Mr. Mole and his carrots!

(edit) Shit! Sorry for endscreen! There is no Menu button, so you have to update page. Again sorry!


Don't lie to me

It said that if I cheated I would die. That wasn't true untill level 21.. Just saying

You should make the levels a bit prettier. Pretty good for a first game though

Ect0morph responds:

21 was a blunder? :O damn :P

I guess it's okay

its.....okay but its nothing special *cough* right-click *cough* *cough*

Ect0morph responds:

gotta think of that til next time then x)

not bad

was pretty fun i think it should pass, its not the best of course...

Ect0morph responds:

well, answer to everyone here, thanks for replies. Makes me wanna do a better game, or version... whatever :P Thanks for playing this one though ^^

Very good.

I like these types of games. The artwork could be better, but otherwise it's gold.

um no

i hate these drag ur cursor through shit games. it's like taylor swift, or soulja boi...just fucking get rid of them.

Ect0morph responds:

Oooooook, you dont have to play these games then. Go play My little pony or sumthing, that'll cheer you up.

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2.29 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2009
1:50 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid