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I had a blast making this game. It is by far, my favorite of the series. I hope you enjoy the new obstacles, art style, and character animations as much as I did creating them.

If you like the music (I know I do), check out the artist - broove- here on Newgrounds.

Go save lint!

Thank you all for the amazing response. I feel truly honored to have been put on the front page.


Very addictive

Very rarely do I play a game on NG all the way through but I found I couldn't stop playing this one. The music is great aside to the obvious times where it ends and loops, could use better transitions. The gameplay is good for a simple platformer though the character animations seem lazy. The only thing I didnt like about it was that there wasn't any real progression, the game didn't seem to get more difficult as you continued playing it, it just seemed to be different. Though the game lacked a sense of progression and the music looped very obviously, the pure game play was very fun and addictive, good job.


on the press where it marks you the direction
i got stuck on the press n my timer just stopped
thats a game affecting glitch


Fun game creative race to the finish but the glitches were bad.

Most times I would find myself jumping onto a block but it would teleport me to a random spot on that map.

too many glitchs

fun, but when I come bact to it the game restarts me to the 3rd screen, in the middle of the floor

Needs a look over to fix final fatal errors

Good things about this game: Interesting concept, with good, flowing animations for the character, and simple artistic style that really compliments the game's style.

Now, for the bad parts: I often times found the time between button-press and reaction, lacking in speed enough to affect gameplay. There seemed to be a very random difficulty curve, starting with easy maps, a few difficult, or at least very tedious maps following immediately, then many more easy maps, then introducing a new object to the player, and repeating the process.

Several aspects of the engine are glitchy enough to be visible; graphics may randomly generate white blocks when you die, or are being "revived" for a frame or two. The physics engine needs backup codes for possible, and probable (given what you've allowed the engine to do) fatal errors. I was stuck in a large green-gray colored block (that was supposed to kill me with spikes on it's bottom-side) when I accidentally jumped during it's descent. The game completely stopped, and almost crashed the game.

Simply put, a few codes check for possible situations that would crash the game (that could be found with more extensive beta testing), double checking the graphics for errors, and some more organized maps arranged with difficulty curve in mind will really bring this game the few, but important things it is missing.

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4.16 / 5.00

Sep 28, 2009
11:33 AM EDT
Action - Other