At The Farm

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I haven't worked in flash in a whiles, sorry if there's lag or anything. Hope ya like.



really nice drawin :)
kinda funny 2 but short , it didint seem like u worked too hard on it and i dont kno if u were going somewhere with it :\
..jus a crappy lookin bird pokin the eye out of some livin thingy lol
niceley done tho
graphics 6 choz..well..u kno
style 7 kinda sucky there
sound 5 not too much sound and not too niceley put in it
violace 10 :D
interactivity 10 the play button is all a movie needs
humor 8 it is funny..
overall 10 mwuhahaha


That was utterly pointless

Perhaps the imagery suggests the concept that love hurts but who really cares? There was a song written in the 70s with the same message, except the song isn't completely ignorant. I recommend this movie for the easily amused and the mentally handicapped.


this gave me a idea of a movie. good job make i vote fife, and if i do make that movie u made me think of, would u like to be in the credits?

I second Punk_Peach on this one

poor poor guy. Even with having read that review and knowing what was coming to the scarecrow, actually viewing it happening in the flash was sad. Ah well. Love the visual style of this, it's the only flash that's really caught my eye (that I hadn't already seen) during this sweep of the portal trying to get everything with less than 200 votes up above 200.

Good job, I wish you'd submit more stuff to NG, but then again, it's been like 16 months since you submitted this, so... doubtful it will happen.

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poor scarecrow

i mean all he wanted was a friend and that bird just comes along and breaks his heart (as well as poke out his eye)

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3.20 / 5.00

May 1, 2002
2:52 PM EDT
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