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I did this in 3 days, just to see if it was possible within my coding level. Now I got a lot of great ideas for a sequel. Including different modes, boss battles, a leveling system and god knows what more.

What would you like to see in a full-blown-game-slash-seq uel?

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you need make FDW2 ! I need it!


Good concept, but it really needs to be developed more. I'd love to see a Time Crisis styled sequal, a full blown rail shooter, but with typing. This just didn't have enough actual content, so I got bored pretty quickly. Nice try, though.

Could've been much better

There are lots of similar games and this could've been better.
Some improvements could be made:
1. More creative powerups, and most arent even worth typing out, which kills the point in using them.

2. Fix the darn typos, theres a few but the only one i remember was how you spelled "experience" you spelled it experient or something like that.

3. Make sure their can't be 2 enemies with the same name. whenever there are 2, the word i typed out only kills one, and usually not the one i want ending up killing me.

Good game

The game itself is good, but you should even out the difficulty more because it got difficult very fast and it was hard to see the powerups and runners at the same time. Perhaps let the player establish a steady groove

Arkuni responds:

I'll separate power-ups from the main screen next time.

Maybe even let the player himself decide when to move on to the next batch of words?

fun, but hard

The game is realy fun - but a bit too hard. Words come longer and longer very quickly, i can't type that fast.
Maybe there need to be more space between longer words? Or compensate them with short words.
Would like to see more color and effects.
Background music is good.

P.S. "Arkuini" logo made me smile, i like it.

Arkuni responds:

I tried to be grammatically correct. But the sequel will also have sentences, so the longer "words" seem more manageable.

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3.91 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2009
11:06 AM EDT
Skill - Typing