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Arthropod Armada

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Shooting: Ctrl or space bar
Moving: Arrow keys
Quality: 'Q' key

Alert! Due to keyboards being weird, holding space causes you to not be able to move diagonally. Thus, the Rocketslap management would reccomend using the Ctrl key to shoot instead of the space bar.

This is an arcade-style shoot-em'-up where you fight against the high score table. Compete with your friends, the scoreboard is connected with facebook. Hope you all like it! If you die, you can control your head with the arrow keys, which is pretty rad.

This game marks our first game under the Rocketslap Entertainment label.

Programming by Billy "Billy" Monks (rocketslap.com),
Art by Nathan "Zekey" Malone (weirdurl.com),
Music by Kevin "Shadowfox2" Studevant (myspace.com/shadowfox2mu sic),
Voice acting by Brandon "BigArmyBug" Clark (brandonpclark.wordpress.



Pretty good effort, just fix some of the things people have commented on I'd say.

I'm going to be perfectly honest

Had 2 particular flaws not be present in this game, it would have been great. However, these flaws are present and they are pretty bad to a point that makes the game almost unplayable.

1) The power-up are near impossible to get a hold of due to the fact that it drops out of a dead enemy and, well, just drops. Most of the time its at the opposite side of the screen so I'd never make it there in time and if I did make it I died because I blindly ran into an oncoming enemy. To fix this you should just let it stay in place and move, not down, but toward the left side of the screen so we might have a chance at getting it.

2) Although I was only able to reach the 2nd waves boss (due to lack of power-up), I could tell that this was going to be very very boring. You only make the waves tougher to kill, you didn't add any extra characters. Hell! The boss was exactly the same! I don't care if this is supposed to be a "arcade-style shoot-em'-up where you fight against the high score table" the fact is that you entered a BOSS at the end of the wave. Once you put in a BOSS you can't be like Galaga, you have to change characters or, at least, change the bosses. That's just being lazy.

Other then that, character designs (of the 4) were good and sounds and fx were good too. Voice acting maybe a little annoying but, hey, its not the worst thing in this game.

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Not too good

Not really giving a low score based on difficulty, as I found it to be pretty easy. I just found the game play to be overly boring. The power-ups seem to actively avoid you, the voice work (after you beat bosses) is VERY bad and the fact that you are told by the creator that one of the control schemes does not work, should tell you something. Probably should of warned us how bad it is.

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it was ok

pretty difficult


It was hard to get the power-ups when they fly away from your avatar and the instant kill lazer on the first boss killed my hope of even scratching him.

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Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2009
5:06 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight