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The Confrontation Demo

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Author Comments

So...this is MiseryLovesBusiness' first submission!

This "game" was our final project for our computer basics class. It was rushed, because of all the other crap we had to do, so this was made in about 4 hours. It is a demo of a game. We want to refine it, make it better and longer soon, but we thought it might be fun to give newgrounds a taste and see what you guys think!

Keep in mind this was just a quick, rushed project. It's also our first submission, so please don't be too harsh!

Hope you all enjoy, and make sure you get both bad endings and the good ending :D

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Im sorry

but this was so lame dude maybe if you added some color and or added an ending that would put this game in the mature section then it would be a ten

MiseryLovesBusiness responds:

It's funny you would say add an H ending, because we were thinking about making this into an H game series. That being said, keep in mind this was a 4 hour project, and while I know some people could have done it better, this was also my first attempt at making a flash game. Expect better things from us in the near future :)

I hope you will check it out. Ms Clear would be sad if you didn't come see her show ;)


Keep working. ;)

MiseryLovesBusiness responds:

Thanks for your review :) Hope you will check out our real first episode in the series, it will be much better than this lol :P

nice job nice job

I give this game a f**king ten. i'm not telling you why yet. first I wanna talk to this guy reviewing before me. Dude, it's called Black and White...it says it right there in ENGLISH. I dropped out of college and I can still read it. So let them make it black and white damnit. I think it rocked. if it's any indication of the final product I think I would pay upwards of eleven dollars for this game if it ran on a NES. especially for a basics class. I'll tell you what, in my old basics class this kid made a flash and it went something like i took a dump on a piece of paper, smashed it into the screen shattering it on impact, and then i peed on it, and also i slit my wrists and let them bleed out all over the screen, and i vomited twice. and passed out. the point is that this is way better than that and this dude coop or whatever needs to let people do what they want. why can't it be black and white, how come we hafta differentiate between colors, oh i know why cuz ur a RACIST!! great game, MiseryLovesCompany can be my best friends

MiseryLovesBusiness responds:

lol, thanks for the review, and thanks for the 10 :) Be sure to look out for our real submission in the near future :)
Oh, and our name is MiseryLovesBusiness, not company ;) Silly name I know, but that's us haha

Add some colour

It seems like you're trying to get towards the old chestnut of the game similar to any of the meet & fuck games, or something similar. The drawing isn't bad at all, but a lot of work is required on the interface.

Firstly, I'd suggest that you add some colour to your drawings, as it will make the final product look so much better. You moving the images around does give you an extra dimension over the popular series mentioned above, so stick with that :)

When it comes to the game interface, make a box at the base of the screen, so that all conversation can take place in there, with a little snapshot of the face, showing who is speaking, plus you only have to make two or three buttons for all interaction and just copy them across for the rest of the piece - saving you time, which you can spend elsewhere.

Once you've got that sorted, develop more of a plot and take it further and remember it's up to you what happens - you might have some sort of joke about watch cartoon porn at the end, for example. Thinking outside the box works a treat, so give it a shot and we'll see what you can come up with. I look forward to seeing what you can produce.

[Review Request Club]

MiseryLovesBusiness responds:

Thanks for the review. :)

Like I said in a response before this, it was a requirement for the class that our final be in black and white. That being said, I know it was made sloppily. We were crazy rushed. This scenario will present itself again, with more animation, voice clips, a better interface and less annoying music ;) I appreciate the time you spent writing your review, and I will take what you said into consideration. Be on the lookout for episode 1, we are starting on it soon. :)

vary intresting

it has a great potential

MiseryLovesBusiness responds:

Thanks for the review :)

Credits & Info

3.03 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2009
2:13 AM EDT