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Sep 26, 2009 | 6:27 PM EDT

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Author Comments

I said I'd be doing something soon regardless of whether or not the Bad Pickup Lines collab. was finished. It's not finished so I did something else. Here it is. I just doodled all the graphics in black and white, so don't let the preloader get your expectations up. That's all the grey you get. This isn't just about stomping on things, it also involves paying attention to details. As such the majority of players probably won't be able to score over 10,000 points. Unless maybe they read the instructions. As far as I know I've got the highscore board working. If there are any problems try viewing scores for a different time period to see if it was just a temporary glitch. If not please make complaints in all caps to motivate me to solve the problem. Whatever you do don't include any details about how the problem occured. If I have to figure it out myself it will only increase my experience. And as everybody knows making flash games is like living in a giant real life RPG. Except there are more signs, and they have pictures instead of text.

EDIT 10/14/09: I was right, up until now nobody has even reached 10,000 points. a score of -1 is on the top scores of all time as I write this. At the very bottom.

EDIT 10/15/09: OK, some bug fixes and the Info button is more obvious now.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good concept

The concept is pretty nice, and the graphics are decent as well, even though they are just black and white.

The music - even though just a short loop - is cool and fits to the game. Also, the "splat" sound was good as well, even though it would be nice to hear various splat sounds in the game.

The game is lacking in the controls section. It is not possible to move backwards, or just really really slow, because the screen constantly moves to the right. So if you missed a caveman it is nearly impossible to move to the left and still get him. This is annoying, especially because more often than not they just run around happily under your feet. But instead of being stomped on, they just continue to move to the left.

{ Review Request Club }

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chesster415 responds:

Sorry it's so tricky to catch the cavemen. You can move backwards but it is really slow, unless you step on an alien then controls are reversed for a moment and you walk backwards. Where the footprint is left when you stomp is the collision area for splating the cavemen. I hope that helps


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars



Quite a smoot animation, but the fact that the only thing which happened was that the dino moved wasn't exactly taht helpful to you score. Its very frustrating in some aspects as those tiny moving things which you called cave men are amazingly annoying and they had me banging my head against the key board after a couple of games (not sure if that's a good thing...)

Graphics were pretty simple too. It was only black and white and no background to provide any depth. Not a bad idea on this part but u really need to improve those graphics and the animation could do with a bit of a change...


It wasn't a bad concept, but it needs some work. i've listed a few points below which might help with this

-You need to vary the storyline a bit. What i was thinking was that as the game progressed, the dino could move from stone age to modern, making the game getting more difficult as it went by. As u moved on, you could make the dino discover new abilites such as swat (waves its hand to destroy aircraft), block (protects itself from incoming missiles which get fired from more advanced enemies). Dunno about anything else but you could work on this. What i've told u is just an idea. ;)

-As supersteph54, a powerup system always increases ur score and it always helps to make gameplay interesting. Colours would be nice to help the user to quickly understand what kind of a power up it is.

-the high score system is great, as it provides the user with the opportunity to see where he stands on a global level.

-You definetely need a menu as nto many people see the controls next to the preloader, me included.

-Try to paragraph ur author's comments too. it helps if people see it in small paragraphs. more people read it that way ;)


Audio was pretty basic, with the same basic thingy looping over and over again, it got on my nerves prety quickly, and the fact that u can't switch it off, got my nerves on even more.

If u could put in a sfx or music off button, it helps as most users just cant stand playing with repetitive music going on and on. trust me, it gives u headaches.


Not a bad job, but u definetely need to improve on this one.
-Add a background
-Make audio more interesting or provide a switch off option
-Include a menu.
-Work on what i mentioned in terms of storyline.
-powerups could help too

keep up your good work though.

-Review Request Club-

P.S. you have the honour of being the person to get my longest flash review yet. Only 1500 characters left lol...

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chesster415 responds:

Wow. That was some review. My first time back online in over two weeks, when I submitted this game and I've got quite a bit of reading to do.
This was just something simple to do because I hadn't made anything in a while. I had already finished the game before I realized there were no instructions. I added it to the side of the preloader because as soon as you hit "play" the game would start up. And it would be loaded quickly enough that you could go straight from the preloader to info without the game being fully loaded.
I really had no storyline to speak of nor any reason to be stomping the cavemen. The story was added as an afterthought to justify the caveman stomping, and give an excuse for the different effects the cavemen had when stepped on. The baby dinos were there to make some kind of semi-plausible life counter. As I couln't figure out what else might put an end to the dino's rampage.
I sort of thought that the mountains were a background. I was trying to do this quickly and no colors meant no time spent shading or color adjustments.
I really should have made a mute button though thanks for pointing that out, I usually do. Or put in a volume control, which makes a mute button kind of superfluous.
As for the paragraphing of my comments I'll do my best to make future commentary indented. Thanks for the execessively long review.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not that good...

A good concept for a game, although I got bored playing it too quickly.

Firstly, the graphics, although quite well drawn, were too bland since they had no colour. I liked the backgound, although some clouds would help a little. Still, adding colour would not only make the background along with the game in general look beter, but it could also make the game easier, by being able to colour-code the different neanderthals to know what bonuses you could get and which are your enemies/allies. The animation wasn't that bad, although a liittle slow in some parts.

The concept is good, since the fact that the dinosaur grows and shrinks according to who you stomp is pretty original. I just didn't like that you had cavemen 'helping' you, since they got in the way quite a bit, so you could either remove them or make them useful :P.

Gameplay was quite frustrating, since it's very hard to stomp someone on the ground when they keep passing from between your legs. A simple solution to this problem is by making a button (for example, the Shift button) which makes the dino stomp on the ground, destroying any caveman around your feet, and maybe a powerup which makes you be able to emit a powerful ground wave when you stomp which disintegrates any nearby enemies.

As for powerups themselves, it's nice to have some in this game, but all I noticed was one which made you slower (maybe it's because I only played 4 games XD), so you should add some more, and as mentioned above, by making them colour coded, they could be easier to spot.

The fact that you have a high-scores system is awesome, and put your score up quite a bit, but also I think you should add a menu that appears before the game starts giving the choices like: 'Start', 'How To Play', 'High-scores', 'Options', 'Powerup List', etc. since having the how-to-play next to the preloader was a bit unexpected, and I noticed it after like 2 games, and having a menu will make things look neater and give you an excuse to make some options like SFX and Music controls. By the way, you may want to add 'Enter/Space to Pause' to the controls ;).

The audio was great and fit perfectly with the game, but got annoying after a bit since I think it was just a small loop. I think you should do a selection of small loops or some really long loop so that it won't get boring. Some more sound effects like the dino's foot hitting the floor or something would be cool too.

It's not that amazing, and I've seen better games, but I expected this to be some stupid game where you just stomp neanderthals, and when I saw the high-scores list, powerups and lives, I realised I was wrong. Not a bad job overall.

-Review Request Club-

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chesster415 responds:

Cool, thanks for the review. I thought this WAS just some stupid game where you stomp neanderthals. Nobody seems too happy with either the gameplay or the lack of color. But the concept seems pretty well liked. I could probably do better with this if I added more options, and maybe a level system, or something.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation ~

The animation was smooth in all aspects. There really isn't much to comment about other than perhaps a few more different styles of walking or movements would have added some variety to a game, which was overall very repetitive.

~ Graphics ~

Graphics were fine the way that they were, but some color probably would have added a lot to the submission. Not only would it make it better visually, but it also gives you the chance to put some blood on the footstep of the dinosaur and as he takes more and more steps without stepping on someone there would be less and less blood on his feet.

~ Story/Content ~

The idea of the game is alright, but it just gets boring after awhile. To make it better you could do something like having to squash so many enemies in a certain run and if you complete it then you get to go to the next level.

This could also help the game by bringing in a little shop system in between levels where you could do something such as upgrades to increase speed, size, maybe give you friendly units near your feet that widen your range of attack, etc...

You could have something like after stepping on 10 people in a row your speed increases slightly or you get a size bonus, etc... If you had the store system you could get bonuses for stepping on more and more people in a row.

~ Audio ~

Music was pretty good and I think that it fit with the game very well. The sound effects were also pretty good, but you could have used some more such as the dinosaur roaring when you let someone get by or after a certain amount of people squashed, etc...

~ Overall ~

A decent little game, but gets boring quite quickly. Adding more variety and some color would help a lot.

Moving the info. button to somewhere that is easier to see would be helpful as I missed it the first couple of times that I played. So a menu might be a good way to improve the submission slightly?

~ Review Request Club ~

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chesster415 responds:

Thanks. Everybody seems to want color, but I really like the bloody footprint idea. The interlevel store sound like that could be cool too. This could really improve with some of these ideas.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I've seen better

I think that the drawing style was quite nice here - a well thought out concept and a pretty fun way of bringing a game that's been done before back with a new outlook on it.

I'd have suggested that you make the dinosaur faster and more responsive to the controls, as sluggish would not quite cover it. Waking the dinosaur up enough to squash neanderthals would make the game more enjoyable and more addictive.

Try adding a splash of colour to the proceedings, as this will improve the look of it greatly - you've drawn good looking dinosaurs, mountains and people, but seeing them squished in glorious full colour would be even better :)

Finally, I'd consider adding something along the lines of power ups, such as a Pterodactyl strike, where that screen gets cleared (one use), extra lives, faster movement, that sort of thing come into play - it's another dimension for the game that can bring you awards.

[Review Request Club]

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chesster415 responds:

Okay, the dinosaur is a bit on the slow side. It speeds up over time though or when stomping the running cavemen. And everyone seems to want color and more power-ups, right now everything is controlled with the movement speed variable. Even "Pause" is just setting the movement speed to 0. It could use more work.