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madness:T.B. EPS1 Part1

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srry i forgot to put in a stop action now it has bin updated
Ok So Heres what you have bin waiting for
madness The beggining eps 1 part 1
this is just part 1 it is kinda short no music until i find out how to stop it
don't forget to comment and vote and remember this is PART 1 of EPS 1
and yet my trailer got a better reveiw score then the actual episode weird and
the to be continued is actualy to be concluded but w/e

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ok but...

the subtitles go too fast and its too short

Jayblazer9 responds:

and thats what caused u to make the scoreso low text got you down...

try again

couldnt read the long narrations, they were too fast to see.


That text was way to fast, the video was way to short, and the story seems way to stupid(at least what of the story I could pick up).

Jayblazer9 responds:

how could you think the stories stupid if it didn't even start yet you dumb nut

dude you are epic

dude ,wo...

"no music until i find out how to stop it"

This is a very easy command. On the last frame of the movie, put the following script:
And bang, all your sounds are...stopped.

Also, I know everyone does it, but it's against the rules to use Krinkles' actual art, unless he specifically gave permission or something. You should re-draw it yourself, even if you mimic his style.

Jayblazer9 responds:

itleast the stop all sound worked and its not realy krinkles ACTUAL art