Captain Crash

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*Now available as an iPhone app! just search in the app store for 'Captain Crash'*

Use your mouse to direct Captain Crash and fire him through the air!

Collect cash and buy extra costumes and upgrades in the store. Try to get on the highscore boards!

Art and animation by Chaz, programmed by DrRobot and featuring an exclusive custom soundtrack from Morgan King


Check out this page for hints and tips on how to get a better score: http://www.flashchaz.com/


sorry nope

boring didnt have alot happening could use more upgrades

Interesting, but lacking.

What's my reward for getting a good distance?
This is the very first launching type game I've ever played where getting a further distace made no difference in your money.
How can I buy upgrades when the only possible source of income is the TINY (very tiny) money icons that give random amounts?
Usually my best distances gave me little to no cash, which is a ripoff.
I earned more money on shorter, lucky bounce shots than actually aiming the cannon well.

And the trampolines shouldn't slow me down, either.
I would hit them after being rocketed by a bomb, and then all of a sudden be going half the speed I was.
The trampolines should have ZERO slowdown, I mean I might as well take a ground hit, especially since the tar pits already slowed me down.

If you're going to make a game, make a game that's worth completing.
A good chuck of your items were nothing but ranodm helmets that offered no benefit despit costing $250 each, not easy tom come by in this game.
The couple weight reductions I managed to buy seemed to have zero effect on how far I could go.

And the other items I couldn't even buy before quitting, because the lack of a reward for distance kept my money so low, I'd need to play this game forever to reach them.

In shot, reward people for distance with cash, because the highscore table isn't worth it alone, fix the trampoline physics and make the actual beneficial items worth purchasing.

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money fail

You dont get money for going a huge distance and the only way to earn is tiny little money packets? Its like if you take the Toss The Turtle game and then make it suck..

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It just wasn't very good. I saw a toss-style game and got all excited, but it was just poorly executed. The physics were awful, first of all. I got different effects out of things each time I hit them, for example the trampolines very often slowed me down completely, like I hit an oil slick, and didn't boost me up at all. The bombs seemed to send me in different directions depending on where I hit them, which is either good programming or bad programming, depending. The fact that there was a 14m cap on height was annoying as well. Also, you should have money be awarded with distance traveled, not just from coin pickups. I got a 1300m shot once, but got absolutely no money from it. The upgrade shop could use some work as well; three functionality upgrades and a dozen wardrobe changes don't really constitute an upgrade shop. It got boring very fast because of the difficulty of getting money for upgrades, and I stopped playing before I finished upgrading all the way. If you decide to make a version 2, I'd suggest spending some time actually developing it. It's a very promising game, with great art and sound, but it seems like you just decided to stop working on it halfway through. Take some time and work on it; expand the upgrade shop, throw in a monetary bonus for distance, and maybe put in a story mode or progression or something, I don't know.
Overall, I give it a 3/10 and a 2/5.

Not good.

Honestly, this is like a cheap version of character tossing games. Toss the Turtle is absolutely better than this. Next time try to out do previous games that are similiar to the one you are making. The music was great and very fitting though.

~Depes Crystalline~

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3.61 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2009
7:56 PM EDT
Skill - Toss