Oblit 1.25

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Space Arcade shooter style game with insane powers up, ability to save your game, and cause tons of destruction!

WASD or Arrow Keys to move
1234567890 on the keyboard or numpad to use a powerup

combine multiple power ups to enhace another power up

see how long you can survive!

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Was pretty fun and killed about ten minutes. I liked the whole star motion effect when it moved and the power ups were pretty good. With some polishing and an upgrade system it could be a front-pager.

DragonSnare responds:

alright I think everyone that has reviewed so far has suggested a upgrade system. I'll keep that in mind for a sequal thx for all the reviews

Lost in space.

The concept of this game is very enjoyable, authour has evidently given concept alot of thought, execution goes astray quite soon after starting though. It's fun to speed through infinite space shooting up enemies until you turn into a ball of fire destroying everything in your path then utilising one or more powerups for clever combinations to deal death. But beyond that there is little else. I also found it impossible to die, a reverence for some, but a complaint for me. I'd like a bit more of a challenge, and possibly some scope to carry the game 'forward'. I did notice enemies evolved as you dealt more destruction, but this is not nearly enough to secure the longevity. I also enjoyed the soundtrack, and some of the sfx were quite amusing. With a bit of work this could be something spectacular.

DragonSnare responds:

thx for the review I'll keep those suggestions in mind for a sequal. enemies do evolve to a point of being nearly impossible to destroy. as they evolve you also gain more points from them. thx for playing

time waster

if uve got a few minutes to kill this game would be good

Not amazing

It isn't the greatest game ever, but its fun and far more entertaining than a lot of the new content coming out. The leaderboard adds a pleasant way of making it a competition. Maybe if you worked on the graphics and added an upgrade system, the game would really draw people in. Ultimately, I had FUN, and that's what matters! Good luck on your future endeavors!

Good job!

The only thing I recommend is allowing shooting weapons from the mouse as well. I think now you can only use the spacebar.

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3.00 / 5.00

Sep 25, 2009
1:34 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun