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The Breakfast

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Author Comments

It's a short animation. I played the ukulele and Marisa was being a dolphin.

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Very nice. It was funny in its unique way. i like it. Good Work! :D

OK, well that was umm... unique

Not too shabby. I usually enjoy randomness here and there, even though this was a little exaggeratingly random.

The animation wasn't that good, since it wasn't smooth and wasn't that eye-catching. You could've animated the dolphin a little more, especially its mouth, and in general some more animation is necessary. After reading the word 'stickmen' in the reviews below, I expected a black and while stickman, but you did manage to colour them in and it didn't look that bad. Still could've been better. The backgrounds are quite simple and the drawings were rough, but it's better than a lot of graphics I've seen (of Flash, I mean).

The concept was extremely random, but it did make me laugh a little. I don't know why it didn't work much for the reviewers under me; I rather enjoyed it. It could have been slightly less random though, like a breakfast exploding in front of your face may've been funny if it had a little story behind it, and a dolphin popping out of nowhere could do with a bit of an introduction (maybe you could move the flash to another scene where it shows a dolphin getting out of the sea, and try to think of a reason why it entered the guy's house).

The audio, as mentioned in practically ever review under me, wasn't too good, since you could barely heard it and I quickly lost track of it. You should make it match more with the flash itself to add to the humour. The dolphin sounds, on the other hand, were quite good.

It's alright as a random flash, but I've seen quite a number of better random flashes around Newgrounds. This is probably the most random I've ever seen, lol :P. Anyway, I let out a chuckle or two here and there, but the animation needs fixing, the graphics, although quite good (I quite liked the way you drew the tongue) was rough in a lot of places, especially at the very beginning, and the audio was too quiet and didn't match that much with the flash. Work on those, and it'd definitely boost your score up by quite a bit.

-Review Request Club-


There's nothing wrong with a little bit randomness from time to time. Most of the time it's quite funny, but here it didn't work, at least for me.

I just couldn't figure out what was happening and what was this dolphin doing there? And why was he cut out so badly?

Also, the audio is pretty bad. Not only the quality of sound is low, but the quality of music as well. "Dissonant" can hardly describe the tune you played on the ukulele....

{ Review Request Club }

Hmm...I don't get it....

Exactly what is this about??? I don't see breakfast in any part...that's odd seeing as its the name of the title....


This was probably the only decent thing you did throughout and there wasn't much of it. The dolphin contrasted too much with the stickmen, which, although animated, skipped quite a bit through out...

The stickmena re good and have acceptable graphichs, but u need a background...


Not a bad idea. Although i still haven't figured out what its about :S

If u want to do random, which may be funny in some cases, you still have to explain some parts. if u don't it makes the whole thing stupid and boring...

I won't comment on concept as i still don't have an idea what this is about....


I totall agree with Fro on this one. This audio is an insult to the ear drum. Whoever likes this audio needs a couple of operations...both in the ear and the cerebrum (part of brain which controls thoughts i think...)


Its not worth any mroe then two. Sry, i normally give more on flash as i don't really understand these things but i'ma fraid i understand that the only thing that this deserves is only a couple of stars. You need to improve...

-Review Request Club-

~ Review Request Club ~

~ Animation ~

Animation was fine in almost every case. It would have been nice if the dolphin was animated and did a bit more than just hover whenever it moved. Also, moving the mouth of the dolphin might have been a nice addition.

~ Graphics ~

The sticks were pretty cool and their style was nothing to complain about. Again, my only complaint comes from the dolphin. You should have drawn one out yourself and because you used a picture it really took away from everything.

A little bit more detail in the background would have also been much better as it was very empty.

~ Story/Content ~

Yeah, random is funny when you do it in a funny way. This was more like random, meh, I don't want to watch it ever again and it wasn't enjoyable in anyway type of random. Not really much else to say other than that.

~ Audio ~

When you thought the submission couldn't get any worse the audio starts to play. Now again there are random songs that sound good and can add to humor and then there is whatever you used for audio that made me dislike it very much.

~ Overall ~

Really everything needs improved on to make a good submission. Not funny in anyway, bad audio, bad graphics, etc.. Stickmen were alright and probably the only decent thing that you did in the submission.

~ Review Request Club ~

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2009
2:58 PM EDT