Twirl and Hurl

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Oh hello there. This is a new game for you. It's called Twirl and Hurl. Guide the little blind dude from one side of the screen to the other, collecting candies and avoiding baddies. You don't directly control the main character; instead, you twirl the tiles below him to set him on the right path for success. It's a commentary on life. Or something. This game was produced by Adult Swim Games and developed by ThisIsPop.


- Click a tile with the mouse to rotate/twirl it clockwise.

- Create a path for the main character to safely reach the exit.

- Avoid enemies. Hitting them will make the main character vomit and you'll lose a life.

- Collect treats.

- Holding the space bar will make the main character move faster (helpful for running to the exit so you can get as many time bonus points as possible).

- When your bonus runs out a tornado enemy will appear and begin moving through the level turning tiles hither and thither. Hurry to the exit or he'll get you.


- Trap enemies in areas of the map you don't need to travel to so you can safely pass by unscathed.

- Treats are optional and will gain you extra points but you don't need to collect all of them to finish a level.


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Well this one was a tad bit different and hard to underatnd at first limiting the control of the character was hard and the "VOMITTING" was kind of funny but all in all this was a unique game and you made it pretty enetrtaining but still a tad bit hard but I liked it, so nice job here on this one.

Allow more control to the user.


good game


there some points i dont understand in this game

1: what the point of the game if you dont need to collect all the threat to complete the level?

2: wtf with vomiting dude when you die -_- (he could like just die.....)

3: why it cant be us who control the character -_- (i mean come on he moving on it own and run into the enemies like a idiot)

4: you did steal it from a site, you didnt create it

5: the enemies are wayyyyyyy too fast

srry but this game suck and cant have any stars (AND NO I DIDNT COPY THE COMMENT FROM Judio90) -_-

The enemies are harmless

Tiutle says it all when i run into them i dont get hurt

Very Nice puzzle Game

But something is wrong when I play it, my guy never pukes. I can just make him go straight to the exit ignoring all the Bad guys and Treats to get the max Time bonus.

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3.79 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2009
10:25 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other