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Have to either make a report or make an animation for World History, so I did this, crappy but was fun to make. C:


nice work

Is this a more like a first time or something close to it im still very new to flash and i can tell you are probably new to it if im wrong please correct me but this would be better then what i can make :( i can make websites but very basic ones also i cant host them because of the stupid host being File upload size limit ... A**H*****

It was not known until recently those jerks but great work on this ;)

Hey asshole

You know, most of the time I'd just ignore some guy pissy pantsed over a review I made. Yet you decided that giving a shitty, unhelpful, ignorant review on MY flash was a good idea after one of MY FRIENDS gave your movie a 0. What the fuck asshole.

And now for the critical part.

I had no idea what the hell was supposed to be going on other than the first christian emporer. Frankly I would be surprised you got an A unless this was for elementary school. Perhaps you should work on buttons to make it a guessing game?

AuraComicObsessed responds:

First off, Him and I aren't on the subject anymore, and I already told him I didn't get a chance to give it any ratings because I was leaving for school.

Second, this wasn't initially made for the internet but I uploaded here because I can and still can. It was made for the class alone, because they already knew the info, or supposedly knew the info, and is to guess who or which emperor it was.

Interesting idea, but...

it doesn't make any sense and seems to go nowhere, but good effort, the animation is pretty good. I look forward to seeing what you have in store next.

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AuraComicObsessed responds:

It goes nowhere exactly, it also wasn't meant to make sense, the project is due today, and I made it in one night because that's all the time I had. But I didn't give this additional info in my comment as followed:
It was to see if the Class can guess which Roman Emperor it is.

You Should've Made the Report

...WTF. I think you probably failed your World History project.

The only good part about this is the No More Heroes music.

Otherwise it has nothin' to do with History.

AuraComicObsessed responds:

Correction "PrinceLudwig", I got a A, also it was for some retarded Roman Christian Emperor. I had to pick a Roman Emperor and see if the class can guess who he is. For the record he's Constantine. c:

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Sep 23, 2009
11:34 PM EDT