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Author Comments

May I now introduce the First ever Operation: ProjectHub Game!
It's not particularly awesome game, just a bare bones shooter deal.
That's right: no sound, no menu, no nothing. Just flying a ship and shooting stuff. Also, I was basically the music guy on this project when I was on it (no, none of it was used, because the other guy on the audio deptartment couldn't find an explosion sound that didn't required a paid credit card-funded membership), so I don't know if it has a preloader or not. [EDIT: NO THERE ISN'T]
btw, to replay, hit the "collapse" button at the upper right of the game window and then the "expand" button that replaces it.

If you care about hi-scores, PM me with your score and name as the subject, and if it's the highest yet, I'll update this description with your name and score.

Name [] Score
MagMutt114 [] 5325
ProjectXa3 [] 4450
Lipskism [] 3275
ProjectXa3 [] 375

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this thing had nothing good about it

ProjectXA3 responds:

Yep, pretty much.

Well actually, I think that the background guys did an AMAZING job, but I suppose that's not the central focus of a game, is it?

Hey man

I somewhat agree with everyone below me but as you told me before it's your first attempt and I gotta say that since everyone that's reviewing this game probly hasn't even tried making flash. 7/10.

you hit all my pet peeves here

... every single one of them...
1.) No menu
2.) No interface
3.) No instructions - nothing whatsoever to orient the player... you're just launched into a game
4.) no sound
5.) A ridiculous (pm me with your hi score) high score system.

The fact that you acknowledge these flaws in your comments does not let you off the hook -- it only makes it worse because it indicates you know better.

Next time, please finish a piece of work before submitting it.

I'll give you a 1/2.

ProjectXA3 responds:

Hey, those are all fair comments. Just try to keep in mind, it was made by high schoolers on their first attempt at actionscript. And I will add controls to the desc.

I Agree

with the guy below me, there is no restart button and you continue to shoot bullets when dead.

Fix that and you get a decent game, but nothing new really...

ProjectXA3 responds:

"Decent".... Well, at least he's honest. And generous.


There is no restart X, and after you die you can continue to shoot invisible bullets from your invisible ship as long as you only hit enemy ships in the one row.

Being able to move diagonally would work wonders for this

ProjectXA3 responds:

Yes, yes it would. And have you tried the rightmost of those 4 buttons near the game?

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Sep 23, 2009
8:18 PM EDT