[KK] Yoshio's BDay Collab

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Author Comments

I finally got around to getting the two birthday collabs I made back up. They were deleted along with every other FF-related flash, which in itself is quite bullshit. For those that have seen this before, check Yoshio's part for a special treat :3

And no, his birthday isn't on Madness Day.

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how nice

I still love the intro to this with all of us as hott gurlz



Author's can edit comments.... Just like you did after you saw my review.

The whole "And no. his birthday isn't on Madness Day" wasn't there. The "And no." is a dead give away to you editing the author comment just so you can have a smart come back to my first review.

Chewy2007 responds:

Umm, since when could I edit reviews? I just rate your reviews as useless, if that's what you're talking about.

You sure do assume alot, I can tell that much about you.

Had a feeling about this one too

Very similar to [KK] Chewy's B-Day Collab. As with the first this was probably something you thought up in a couple minutes and threw together to see if it would pass judgement. The thing I find most interesting is that when you first put these on the portal they had the titles of Madness Birthday 1 and 2.

Things like this can't take that much time to make, I remember some days where crews like Lock, Clock and some others used to submit 5 things like this in an hour. I'm happy to see someone at Newgrounds desided to limit the number of submissions for one person per day.

Again, not much to critique here, I'm willing to bet that it isn't even Yoshio's birthday.

Chewy2007 responds:

Do you ever read the Author's Comments?